Android Mediatek Development [MTK SoCs]


 Android Mediatek Development [MTK SoCs]

©Powered By Royal Porting Team.


Sunmughan Swamy

Jai Dwivedi

Piyush Kulkarni

Arbaz Khan

Amitava Bhowmik

Vijay Jaiswal



We Build/Port/Mod the Firmwares/Roms of All Mediatek Socs/Chipsets with the required compatiblity of devices. We add features desired by our lovable users and our respected Dev’s.

If anyone have any query or suggesation for us please share it with us, we’ld love to see your response. For further assistance please contact our Admin Sunmughan Swamy or Email at

Thankyou for taking your valuable time in reading this quote. We’ld love to see you again. ☺


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