How To Make SD Default in Any Custom Rom

Hello friends, today i will show you a video which will help you making SD default in your custom roms. As we all know there are thousansds of custom rom available on the internet for various devices. Like Lineage os, Resurrection Remix, Android Open source Project, Slim Rom, Exodus, Android Open Kang Project, Pure Nexus, etc…. 

These roms have lots of individual features and specifications with number of tweeks as well. But the main issue behind using these custom roms are there source bugs. Bugs are unwanted results of programs which gets currupted during the creation of custom rom. It can either be source bug or device specific bug.
Today we are going to learn how to make your Micro SD card as default storage on your custom roms. All you have to do is to follow the instructions given in the video (link given below) and do it yourself in no time.

Watch This Video Tutorial Carefully

Final Words

This was the article on How to make SD default in any custom rom. I hope you like this article & you’ve read this post quiet well and will follow the instructions given here carefully

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