Download Lawncheir – Best Customizable Pixel Launcher For Android

Lawncheir For Android

Pixel Launcher was released last year officially by Google for Android. After its release Pixel Launcher has become one of the best launcher which was first introduced in the Google Pixel Devices, later on releases were alailable for various Android versions. One of the major drawbacks in the pixel launcher was you cannot customize the icons, and everyone wanted something different and customizable. Aa android developer named deletescape developed an application called as Lawnchair which made it easy for everyone to customize the pixel launcher. You can download Lawnchair and enjoy customizing the Pixel Launcher.

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Lawnchair is a small application which doesn’t require a rooted device, and you can easily enjoy the pixel launcher feature on your device. You can customize everything such as Icons, Labels, Label text and much more. You can also set the size of the icons.
There are more features which are going to be implemented soon in Lawnchair launcher. You can enjoy the features of Android O Developer Preview 3 using this launcher on your device. There are much more other features which you can enjoy in this application.
Lawncheir For Android
Table of Contents

    What is Travis-198 in Lawncheir?

    You might have seen the title in that Travis-198 well it is the version of the Lawnchair. Whenever the application gets an update, you will see the change in the version from 198. Lawnchair is still in the beta stage. You will find some bugs in the app, but the main aim of Lawnchair is to give you the performance and the best customization.

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    Download Lawnchair For Android

    You might have seen the drawback of Pixel launcher, and that is whenever you want five drawers in the homescreen you need to change the DPI of your device. Now, you don’t need to modify the DPI every time, now you can easily enjoy the launcher with the pixel features for your device.

    You can install the icon pack, and the most amazing part is you can also enjoy the round icons which is available for Pixel devices. You can also port pixel round icons on your device. Lawnchair allows the users to hide the application which is optional and depends on your whether you want to protect the application or not.

    The developer deletescape tried his best to port the application and add the features of Android O and as well as pixel features. You can also enable the Google Now cards with the help of Lawnchair. Let’s dive into the feature of the application.

    Application Features

    • Google Now Cards: You can check the news, live score, and much more with the help of Google Now Cards
    • Experimental Pixel Launcher features: You can enjoy all the Android O Pixel Launcher feature on your device.
    • Icon pack support: You can install your favorite icons packs and choose from the settings.
    • App renaming: If you have the dual application such as GBWhatsApp on your device you can rename the app and also try changing the icons.
    • App Hiding: You can easily hide the application by Long pressing the app and press the ‘Edit’ button.
    • Adaptive theming: You can theme the Lawnchair according to your choice and colors.
    • App tray transparency: You can set the transparency of the dock as well as the app tray.
    • Changing Icon size: There is a slider which will help you to change the icons size of the app.
    • Changing grid size: Grid size helps you to set, how many apps you need in the app drawer.
    • Save scrolling position in apps tray: When you will press the back button, you will be able to save the scroll position of the app drawer.
    • Works in Non-Rooted Devices: You can enjoy all these features on a non-rooted Android device.
    • Ads Free: No advertisement while using this app. 
    • Much more: You can install the application and try finding the more feature of the app.


    • Lawnchair apk: Download the Latest Lawncheir apk from the below link.
    • Android 5.0+
    • SDK: 21


    Lawncheir For Android

    How to Download & Install Lawnchair?

    • Download the application from the requirements and install it
    • You will see an “Installation Blocked” warning. Click on “Settings.”
    Lawncheir For Android
    • Scroll down and enable the “Unknown Sources” and press back button.
    Lawncheir For Android
    • Try installing the application again on your device.
    • Open it and press the “Home Button twice”
    • You will find the Lawnchair icon. Now, set the Lawnchair as your default launcher.
    Lawncheir For Android
    • Please wait for some time till your launcher is getting loaded on your device.
    • That’s it! Hold the homescreen and click on “Settings” and start customizing your launcher.
    Lawncheir For Android

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    Final Words

    This was the article on Lawncher for Android. I hope you’ll like this article. If you need any extra help completing this guide, then you should tell me in comments. If installation fails, then the only thing that you need to do is to try and repeat the whole tutorial more than once.
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