Download Real iOS 10.3 & 10.2 Theme For Miui 7/8

Hello Fellas, Today i’m here to reveal an awesome and beautiful theme for Android devices. This theme is only supported in Miui Rom. It can be bupported by all versions of Miui (Russia, China, Global). This theme has all the features of IOS 10 UI. Amazing Design and  Attractive Interface makes this theme one of the best in its class.

As iOS devices looks beautiful with the stock icon theme by default and you might be bored using same default Android theme of your device so it’s time to give some refreshment to theme Miui devices. Using this theme you can customize your android devices running Miui 8 with number of icons, docks, badges, UI, folders, bootlogo and more. All these iOS user interface or Winterboard are compatible with all Miui supported devices running Miui 8 or later which helps your devices look amazingly beautiful.


  • Redesign Statusbar Transparent
  • Battrey Charge Animation on Lock Screen
  • Changed name app (iTunes,Safari,,iCloud,iMessage)
  • Few More

Theme Features

This theme supports all the features of iOS 10 UI. It has designed for the build in Miui devices to feel the features like a pro. Following are the several description about this theme:
All the features listed below are themes alike iOS 10.2 user interface.

  • Lockscreen
  • Control Center
  • Notification Panel
  • SystemUI, Home
  • Mi Space>
  • New Framework>
  • Caller UI
  • Settings>
  • Dialer Screen
  • Boot Animation
  • Ringtones
  • Fonts
  • <Wallpapers
  • Launcher
  • Many more to discover.


Download the iOS 10.2 premium theme for Miui 7/8 all versions from the below link. Additional files are also listed as Fonts & Wallpapers
Click below to download Themes according to your screen resolution.

Theme 720P Theme 1080P 

Other Modes related to this Theme

Video Player Mod

iOS 10 Boot Animation

720P 1080P

Apple Boot Logo

Mediatek 1080P

Qcomm 720P Qcomm 1080P

Also you can download other version of Real iOS 10.2 v2.1 theme from the link below


Final Words

This was the article on iOS 10.3 Premium Theme for Miui 7/8. Now, without any issues, you can explore the features with your friends using this Theme. I hope you like this article. If you face any issues feel free to comment below. 

Thank you for visiting Droidadda and keep visiting for more tips and tricks and Android articles. Share this article among your friends to aware most of your friends about this trick.

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