Install Linux Styled Launcher on All Android Smartphones

Today, we all have a smartphone which runs on Android, Windows, iOS, BB OS, etc. This is an Android Generation because lots of smartphones are coming/running on Android os. As Android is the best operating system when it comes to the customization, changes, and everything. There are a lot of changes which you can do with your Android device. We know that the Android kernel is of Linux. We like the green font which we use in Linux or sometimes in the command prompt. Today, i am going to tell you the way which will help you with a Linux-Style Launcher which Turns Your Home Screen into a Command Prompt.
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    There are many Android launchers which are fantastic and useful in customization. Today, i am going to tell you something that you don’t knew yet. In this article, i will show you how you can make your Android look and feel same as Linux. Are you ready ?

    So lets start, now i will tell you the way you can completely do changes, and whenever you need to make a call or uninstall any android application, then you can do so with the help of the commands and this command will help you to uninstall the application or call to your loved ones.
    This is the simple Linux type application which is based on a Linux-type operating system, and this application is having an excellent rating on the play store. You can try on your device and do tell us how to do you like this application.

    Linux CLI Launcher

    Linux CLI Launcher by Francesco Andreozzi is the amazing launcher, and when you are using this launcher, you can brag in front of you friends by showing that you are operating your Android device with the help of the commands.
    There are commands given in this tutorial of the application, and if you read it, then you can understand it correctly the way you can install and use this launcher on your Android device.


    • T-UI commands (like uninstall, open, sms, ..)
    • GNU Linux commands
    • Aliases, use your favourites commands faster
    • Suggestions, to help you compose your commands
    • Tuixt, in-app text editor
    • Widely customizable launcher
    • CLI music playe
    • Full Linux-like CLI interface

    Some T-UI commands:

    • uninstall [app]
    • sms [contact] [text]
    • call [contact]
    • calc [expression]
    • search [google, playstore, youtube, files]
    • wifi
    • flash
    • share [file]
    • mv / cp [file] [dest]
    • many other Linux commands..
    Thanks to Luke Winward for his original idea and for the beta testing. Without Luke this Linux CLI Launcher wouldn’t be as it is.

    Note: don’t install this if you don’t like having a CLI as your home Launcher, if you hate Linux or those two things together

    Highlighted Features

    1. Shell Commands Supported
    As mentioned above, this launcher is based on linux commands therefore it will accept linux based commands as inputs. Like cd/mv, cat, who, ls , etc.
    You can also try some experiments on linux commands using this launcher as your interpreter. It will improve your coding skills somehow.
    2. Controlling Your Device
    This feature ensures the user that they can control their devices using several commands like command mentioned earlier below features section. 
    You can try several commands to control your device like music, chat, call, etc and enjoy their experiences. It will pleasure your mind.
    3. Playing Music Files
    This app lets you play your music files too. For this you have to use command music (file name) and enter.  Its cool ! Isn’t it ? 
    If you’re fasing any issues while playing music and video files you can comment below so that i can respond you as soon as possible.
    4. System Tools
    You can also try system modification commands using this app. For this you must have basic knowledge of Linux Programming & Skills.
    Try learning some Linux commands from Google or any other source of learning hubs. It will be benifitial for you for using this app.

    5. Creating Alias
    You can also create an Alias for a command or a program using this app. An Alias is a secondary name to the word you refer to. 
    Tonnes of more customization options available and still hidden of my reach. You can try this app once and explore the features. I am damn sure you will love this app.

    This Linux-Style Launcher Turns Your Home Screen into a Command Prompt

    There are commands in the application which you need to follow. There won’t be any home screen of this launcher a simple command prompt, and you need to write command to open calculator, youtube, google or if you want to call your friends.
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    If you are writing any command, you will be getting an auto-complete text, for example, when you will write open c, then it will automatically suggest you the name of the application which starts with the name c.
    There are a lot of reviews and the developer has perfectly build the application, which is working on almost every Android device. You can install this launcher and get started with the application.

    How to Turns Your Home Screen into a Command Prompt

    • Download and Install the CLI Launcher from Play Store

    Linux CLI Launcher For Android @Droidadda
    • Open the application, and it will show you the guide the way you can use the application on your device.
    • Read all the details correctly, and after that, you can type the command and do kinds of stuff whatever you like.
    • You can type the help command if you don’t understand any command correctly.
    • Tap the home button to set the Launcher as default launcher you won’t get an annoying pop-up every time whenever you will press the home button.

    Linux CLI Launcher For Android @Droidadda
    • If you want to call someone, then you can type the command “call swamy” this will be your contact name.
    Linux CLI Launcher For Android @Droidadda
    • If you want to uninstall any application, you can do so with the help of typing the command “uninstall Facebook.”
    Linux CLI Launcher For Android @Droidadda
    • This way you can enjoy the Linux user interface on your Android device.

    Final Words

    I hope you love this fantastic application and now you can turn your home screen into a command prompt. Try installing this application, and believe me it is fun.
    Start bragging in the front of your friends, Show them the way you made your Android phone in Linux user interface. If you want to uninstall the application, type Open Play store and search for this application and uninstall it. Share this article with your friends.

    Thank you for visiting Droidadda and keep visiting for more tips and tricks like this and I will meet you in the next article and as always peace out. If you like this article please share it among your friends & let them know about this cool trick.

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