How To Install & Enable Google Assistant on iPhone

Today we all know that Technology is growing faster and faster day by day. Google is the Leading Brand in the field of Technological changes. You’ve probably heard about Google Assistant for Android. It is a personal assistant on Android device which responds to the users input either via text or by voice recognition. Now i’m sharing you Google Assistant for iPhone. Yes! You’ve heard right :p Google has recently launched its Assistant service on iPhone platform. 
Some of you may knew that Google Assistant is the best AI, and there are many tests run by many YouTubers and Bloggers. We have seen the new Google Assistant recently launched for iOS devices. Google Assistant for now, available for only some countries such as the United States only. If you are from India, Australia, and other countries and you want to try the new Google Assistant, then you are at right place. Today, we are going to tell you the way you can install Google Assistant on iPhone in any country.

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Google Assistant was first released in the all new Pixel Devices, and later on, developers came up with the method which helps them to use the Google Assistant on any Android device. They can add the two lines of codes and enjoy the all new Google Assistant on their phone.
In iPhone, the concept is entirely different, and if you want to enjoy the Google assistant, then you can do so by creating a new app store account with the help a link which we have given below.

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    Install Google Assistant On iPhone in Any Country

    If you want to install the Google Assistant on your iPhone device, then you need to change the store location. When you will change the location of the App Store to the United States after some time you need to log in with a new account of App Store.

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    This method is tested in iPhone 6s and 7, and it is working fine. You can give a try to this method on your device and do let us know. In iPhone, there is a different app for Google Assistant in iPhone you won’t be able to enable Google Assistant with the help of Google App in iOS.

    How to Install Google Assistant On iPhone in Any Country

    • Open your App store and scroll down and click on your Apple ID and Tap on “Sign out.”
    App Store Download
    • Now, open the Google Assistant United States Link from your iPhone. Now, it will throw you to the App Store. There you will see a prompt to change the store. Just tap on Change Store.
    • Now, in the Search bar type “Google Assistant” and search for the application and click on Get button.
    • You need to sign in to your Apple Account. Click on Create a New Apple ID.
    • Choose the Country as the United States.
    • Enter your new email id and password and confirm it.
    • Select the random address, and you can take the help of this website to get the address.
    • In the payment option select None.
    • If your Apple ID is verified repeat the process again, Search for the Google Assistant and click on the “Get” button and download the application.

    • Make sure that you follow all these steps correctly otherwise you won’t find None option in payment.

      Video Tutorial

      Final Words

      This way you can install the all new Google Assistant on your iPhone device. This was the article about the way you can Install Google Assistant On iPhone in Any Country I hope you love this article.
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