Install Samsung S8 Edge Music Player on Any Android Device

Droidadda Presents: Samsung Edge Music Player

S8 Edge Music Player
Hello friends, Today i’m gonna share an awesome application with you all. This is Samsung S8 Edge Music Player for Android. It has all the features as Samsungs’ Flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 has now. Download and install it and explore all its features on your own.

Music player is one of the most accessed android application,With the edge screen music player add the music player to the edge of your screen, the application provide you with two modes a lightweight mode in which player sits at the edge of your screen and a complete music player with the best in class features.
The uses interface is made simple and understandable, to provide dynamism to the app, the ui changes according to album art of the song.
You can adjust the triggering area of the app which provides the add flexibility required for apps like this.With instant share feature you can share your favourite song with all the apps available in your phone making the sharing of songs very easy.

App features

  • A lightweight music player which can be summoned by a swipe on the edge of your screen.
  • A lightweight player has the options to select, play and pause song.
  • All the songs are presented in divided manner, division takes place along the dimensions of album and artist.
  • Add your favourite songs to the playlist and listen to them whenever you require.
  • share your favourite songs from the app itself.
  • last and most important thing is, it has a beautiful interface.

This is a free version (ads included) ,if u want to help us ,please give us a 5 star rating and a nice review.


Download the latest S8 Edge music player apk from the below link


Final Words

This was the article on Samsung S8 Edge Music Player. Now, without any issues, you can explore the features with your friends using this music player. I hope you like this article. If you face any issues feel free to comment below. 

Thank you for visiting Droidadda and keep visiting for more tips and tricks and Android articles. Share this article among your friends to aware most of your friends about this trick.

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