How To Send Large File on Whatsapp (Above 1GB)

Hello Friends! Today I am going to tell you about How to send files on WhatsApp above 1GB using WhatsTools. I think some of you were well aware of this trick and if you dont know then you’ll came to know at the end of this article. WhatsTools is the new application available on play store. Basically, WhatsTools application is available is free. This application is having totally different concepts which we will be discussing in this article. WhatsTools is having the many new features available and it is a third party application which will help you out to send files on WhatsApp Above 1 GB. We have previously shared a great article about How to Disable WhatsApp Status 45 Seconds Limit on Android

Many of the people requested me to write about WhatsTools application. If you want us to write about your given article then you can simply request tricks. We will publish those article with your name. As we all know that the WhatsApp is the application which is been used by many of the peoples around the world. There are many of the applications such as Telegram, Hike and etc. This application helps a lot when you have to send the files above 1 GB.

Even in WhatsApp you can send other files with the help if Google Drive easily and it is really very easy to send those files using WhatsApp. You can send any files on WhatsApp of your choice. This application is not created by WhatsApp. But this is third party application. Which helps you to do all those settings on your Android device. Then you will be able to send the application to your friends with the help of WhatsTools lets check out how this application works.

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    How WhatsTools Works On Your Android Device

    WhatsTools application is a third party application. It helps you to send files on WhatsApp. No matters it will send all the files of your choice on WhatsApp. WhatsTools is a new application which has got good ratings and 100 thousand downloads. Which is really a good thing about the application. As we all know that WhatsApp is coming up with most of the new features and users are loving the feature. Then this is something which you can give a try to this application. Previously they came up with How To Write Blue Color Font In WhatsApp
    This application is totally safe and then if you will send the files to your friends. It will become download links. Whenever you will sign up then this application will access your Google drive data and then it will save the files in Google drive. This application will send a link to your family members. Then they need to access the files. As we all know that the Google drive links are really very fast and it is having the fastest upload speed.
    If you want to share your files with all the WhatsTools users even you can do so with the help of the WhatsTools which is really easy and fastest way to be famous. This files if it is shared with the users then you will be ranked on #1. Which is something you can give a try? Isn’t it? When you will be signing up you have to give your Google drive access to the application and then it will proceed to next step.
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    The link of the WhatsTools will automatically short and then you will be able to download the files. This application is having a good user interface which will help you to download the files in one click and it makes the users easy to download the files. Three clicks will download the application. It is really simple to download the files on your Android device. You can access the files on your computer too. I have tried this application several times and it worked for me great. Let’s check out how this application works.


    • Send any files on WhatsApp of your choice. It can be anything .txt, .apk, .zip and etc
    • This application is light and works in any android device above
    • You friend doesn’t need any application to download the files
    • It will access your google drive data so that you can download the files at fast speed
    • No Root needed


    • This application is not cross platform
    • There are extra steps which you need to do after downloading the files On your android device or any other platform
    • This application only works in official WhatsApp android application.

    How to Install WhatsTools On Your Android Device

    • Download and install WhatsTools in your android device from here – Playstore
    • Now Open the application and swipe on the right and then click on Get Started
    • WhatsTools will ask to turn on the service in the accessibility and simply click on “Turn On”
    • You will see a pop-up about how to enable the service of WhatsTools simply click on Ok, Continue
    • Now, Enable the application in the accessibility and you will be able to see a pop-up of the Google Drive
    • Click on sign in and you will be able to sign in with the files on the WhatsTools
    • You will see the main screen of the application after doing all the process and now you will be able to do all the settings and send the files to your friends above 1 GB using WhatsTools

    How to Send Files On WhatsApp Above 1GB Using WhatsTool

    • Simply open the official WhatsApp and then click on the Pin to send files on WhatsApp
    • Now you will see below WhatsTools application list and click on any of the categories
    • Now, click on any category and you will be able to see the inbuilt file manager of WhatsTools
    • Click on the file and if you want to make the file public you can make it. Then you will be able to send the files on WhatsApp to anyone of your choice
    • The text and the link will be paste in your text box of WhatsApp and you will be able to send the files to your friends

    How to Download the files from the Link

    • Simply click on the link in your default browser and you will see an download button
    • Click on the download and the new page will be open to WhatsTools team
    • Now, you will be able to download the application or the zip files in one click
    • Make sure to delete the files which are saved in your Google Drive

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      Video Tutorial:

      Final Words

      This was the article about How to Send Files On WhatsApp Above 1 GB Using WhatsTools. Now, without any issues, you can send files to your friends using WhatsTools. I hope you like this article. If you face any issues feel free to comment below. 

      Thank you for visiting Droidadda and keep visiting for more tips and tricks and Android articles. Share this article among your friends to aware most of your friends about this trick.


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