Easy Way To Earn 1 Bitcoin Per Month (Max 16 Bitcoins)

Earn bitcoins : Hello guys i found an another platform to earn money online from home just a referral program.One time Investment and surely you can earn 80,000-90,000/month from this.However there are lot of online works and so many were working also and gives the earning.But from a small investment you can earn a huge money by refer some friends.Earn bitcoins easy.
The Plan name Be-granted which process is similar as Zarfund but with some extra benefits.On Be-granted only there is 4 Level through you can earn and which you can easily archive by refer less number of members.So check the whole plan from below and join as soon as possible.

Note: Fore more detailed info Whatsapp me on +919584215603

Be-Granted Review 

Lets take a quick review about Bitcoins and its market value. 
Status – Paying.
Mode of paying – Bitcoins
Minimum investment: 0.03(Rs.3000) bitcoin.
Minimum withdraw – no minimum limit
Trust score – 9/10
You can add only 2 persons to your downline.
1 Bitcoin = around Rs.90,000/
Join with us and get benefits & earn bitcoins.
This will lead you to grow your online business easily.

What is Be-Granted ?

Be Granted is the first in the world hybrid and hermetic peer to peer crowdfunding platform, where members voluntarily give and receive donations from each other every month.
It is a new way of raising money online for various projects: personal, business, charity etc.
Our mission is to help 1 million people live their passions and do their projects in sync with nature. Our vision is to be top peer to peer crowdfunding platform in the world by 2020.Earn bitcoins fast

How it works? 

After donating 0.03 Bitcoin to your Level 1 Up Line, you are joining global crowdfunding community of like-minded members, who are interested in donating to each other voluntarily.
You get the opportunity to willingly donate monthly to our community and in turn you get willing donations from the community. By joining, you are starting your journey to Financial Independence – you are getting donations to realize your life’s projects (personal expense, business ideas, charities – anything you want).

You start by donating 0.03 Bitcoin to project of another member (it could be a person who invited you to Be Granted or somebody else). After you completed this donation, you get a spot in Local Platform + two spots in your 1st downline.
From this time you have 30 days to invite just 2 people with your referral link, who will also start their project by donating 0.03 Bitcoin to other member. It’s important, you invite real people who will do what you did (invite 2 people in 30 days).

If you do not invite 2 people in 30 days, your account will be automatically deleted.
You only need to invite 2 people once – not every month.
Local Platform can give you 8 Bitcoins in donations every month. The only requirement is that you invite 2 people and help them do the same and so on. The faster you help your organization, the faster you will get 8 Bitcoins monthly.

Our platform is subscription-based, so you will receive donations every month from each downline level you are qualified to. This also means that you will also need to make a donation every month for each level you are qualified to.
In your first 10 days from your registration, you will have a one-time chance to reserve your spot in second platform: Global-Automatic.
This platform is filling up automatically with members from around the world who invited minimum 3 people to Local Platform.
In this platform you can also receive 8 Bitcoins every month and don’t have to invite anybody to receive donations.

How to Start? 

  1. Register your account with Be-granted from here
  2. After Register you will get the mail on your registered email click on the link and verify your account.
  3. Note : After making an account you have 2 hours to send donation otherwise your account will blocked.
  4. Create new password and in the next step it will ask you to Create project.Enter some details.
  5. Now you have to send donation 0.03 bitcoin to your upliner, to donate create your wallet on blockchain.info
  6. After register on blockchain copy your receiving address and add it in Be-granted at the time of Sign up.
  7. After that click on send donation and you will see an receiveing address of your upliner copy that address and send 0.03 bitcoin from blockchain.
  8. Note: To buy bitcoin first whatsapp me on +919584215603, the price of bitcoin today is Rs.2400 now you can paytm me for buying it. Don’t worry your money will be safe 😊
  9. After successfully send donation your referral link unlock through you can join 2 person under you.
  10. Done, Enjoy the earning.

Earn 1 Bitcoin Per Month & Keep Your Journey Continue 

Note: I am not responsible if the organisation went down & also i’ not forcing you to invest. But the real thrill of earning money is in Investing them. Who wonder it could make you a Billionaire one day!I hope you would like this article on Earning Bitcoins easily. If you find this helpful then don’t forget to share it with your friends and you have any doubt or query about this trick so comment below we will resolve it in the same day.Sharing is caring share it through social networking options given below. Keep in touch with us on whatsapp for more exciting tricks and deals. If you want our all tricks on your whatsapp Join our broadcast channel.

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