How to Enable Android O Boot Animation on Any Android Device

Android O is the new Android version which is coming in this year of 2017 and the developers of XDA are working hard to find some new tweaks, tricks and some hidden secrets of Android O. There are developers who are working on developing the boot animation on the concept of Android O. Well! This is just a concept of TechBurner who created this boot animation. This is the reason we are going to tell you the way you can Enable Android O Boot Animation on your android device.

Google recently released Android O developer preview 1 and it was having tons of features and it is been improved a lot and having many advanced features. The developer TechBurner thought to create something which will be useful for the users. This is the reason he came up with an idea of Android O boot animation. 

Android O name is not fixed yet but in this boot animation, the developer has shown Oreo biscuits which are moving on the screen. If you will check out the video of the animation then you will get it. The installation of this animation is easy and you don’t need to do many things and customization to install the boot animation on your phone. You just need a rooted android device.

Enable Android O Boot Animation on your Android Device

Enable Android O Boot Animation on Your Android Device If you want to install this boot animation on your device then you need to do changes in the root explorer where you need to copy the new boot animation or you can also simply overwrite this boot animation. If you don’t need your old boot animation. 

The applications which you will need to install this application is Root Explorer or you can also install the ES-File Explorer and a rooted android device. You need to overwrite this boot animation and done.
Remember this boot animation is just a concept and it is not official. There are different variants available which will help you to enjoy this boot animation on your device.


Get Android O Boot Animation on Any Android:

Nevertheless, developers at XDA who are always trying to bring new features and Mods to all the android, We have got an concept Android O boot animation and all the credits goes to the Developer TechBurner. The boot animation is staring an Oreo in it. But as Google hasn’t confirmed the name yet for Android O we all hope that it’s Android Oreo.
For you to perform this operation you’ll need a rooted android device if your android isn’t rooted then there are several guides on XDA developers websites which will help you to achieve this.
Disclaimer: Messing in your system directory with root permissions may brick your device so only perform this if you know what you’re dealing with. This is not an official android O boot animation and all the rights belongs to TechBurner the developer of this theme.

How To Get Android O Boot Animation on Any Android? Follow These Steps:

  • Download the boot animation from the links given above. If you have an android device with an 720P resolution Display, then download the 720P version. i’m performing this on Lenovo K3 Note which has 1080P display so I have downloaded 1080P version of the boot animation zip file.
  • Open the ES Explorer that you downloaded and then enable root explorer and grant Root permissions.
  • Now click on root explorer and then click on Mount R/W and change the /System permissions from RO to RW and click on OK.
  • Now Navigate to the folder ‘/System/Media‘. Here, hold on the boot file and then rename it to
  • Now copy the downloaded file from your downloads folder and paste it in ‘/System/Media’
  • Hold the and and now click on Properties and then on permission and change the permissions to RW-R–R– as shown in the below Image.
  • That’s it you’re done now restart your device and enjoy the sweet new boot animation.
Note: If you’d like back to go to your previous boot animation just rename the new boot animation to something else and the rename the old boot animation file to and thats it!
Now Navigate to the folder ‘/System/Media’. Here, hold on the boot file and then rename it to

Video Tutorial: 

Final Words

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