[Tutorial] How To Port Custom Recoveries For Your Android Device [Mediatek]

Hi fellas, as we all know there are so many custom recoveries available for android devices. Like CTR, Twrp, Philz, CWM, and COT. These all are custom based recoveries for android. And most of them are based on CWM recovery which stands for ClockworkMod.

Today we’ll discuss about custom recoveries on Mediatek Android devices. Like MT6571/72/80/81/82/92 etc. And according to source there are three ways to have a custom recoveries. They are:
  • Compiling Recovery from source
  • Porting Recovery to your device (which is explained in this post)
  • Auto Port using Recovery Porting Tools (which does not work now)

How to port? Full Instructions given below:

    Download CTR from this link: Click here. Download TWRP/COT/philZ from any mtk device with same resolutions.
    • Make sure you have your stock recovery.
    • Now download Carliv Image Kitchen from here
    • Extract this tool in one folder.
    • Put the images [carliv and stock] in recovery-resources folder of extracted carliv recovery.
    • Now follow the on screen process and extract/unpack stock recovery
    • Now open the folder of stock recovery folder and open ramdisk folder.
    • Copy these files from stock to carliv/other recovery:


    • Open etc folder and copy recovery.fstab file too from stock to carliv/other recovery.
    • Now go back and copy these files from stock to carliv/other recovery.:


    • Now open Carliv.bat file again and Repack the Carliv/other recovery.
    • You’re done! Now try flashing!

    For more detailed instructions watch this video

    Final Words:

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    via Blogger http://www.droidadda.org/2017/04/port-mtk-custom-recovery.html https://mtkdr0id.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/ae5be-custom-recoveries.jpg?w=300


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