How to use a Subdomain for your Blogger blog

Add Sub Domain on Your Blogger Easily Now

Hello Friends! Today i’ll share an amazing blogger trick with you all. This article is all about “Sub Domains”. We have seen many websites/blogs are using subdomains in their pages to make them more reliable. And it also feels good when you have a subdomain similar to your domain, as it proves your authority over that subdomain. Now lets begin with our article and read some interesting on this topic.

What is Sub Domain?

A subdomain is a second website, with its own unique content, but there
is no new domain name. Instead, you use an existing domain name and
change the www to another name. The subdomain name looks like,, (assuming you
already host

How To Add Sub Domain on Blogger? Follow This.

Google already provides you a tutorial on how you can add a domain to your blogger blog. But it does not specifically show the steps for setting up two domains – 1. Main Domain 2. Subdomain for your two blogger blogs i.e. you will have two blogs one on main domain and the other on subdomain for example and

Below are 3 easy steps with images on how you can add a subdomain to your blogs existing domain without any difficulty.

Step 1 : Add a A Name Record
Go to your domains registrar website and click on Change DNS/DNS Manager option. There you would find different CNAME and A records you have made previously for your main blog. Add another A name record with the the desired subdomain as your host. For example if you want subdomain for your blog then enter demo in the host name. In the IP/Point to section add this IP – After adding save the record.

Subdomain Blogger

Step 2 : Setup the domain in Blogger

Now go to Blog Title → Settings → Basic → Blog Address → Add a Custom Domain → Switch to Advance Settings and add your full subdomain in our case it would be Make sure the box saying “Redirect to” is unchecked else when someone goes to (with no www ) they will be redirected to

Step 3 : Settings in the main Blog (Required in some cases)

Even after unchecking the box above, if the domain (without www) redirects you to Go to Main Blog Title → Settings → Basic → Blog Address → Edit and check the box which states “Redirect to” That’s it, the whole setup is done. Sometimes if takes 1-2 hours for making the changes by the domain registrar but most of the time change is withi 5 minutes. After that your custom subdomain is ready.

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