Carliv Touch Recovery 5.7.9 & 5.3.5 For MT6582 Devices (Kitkat & Lollypop)

 Carliv Touch Recovery

/* Droidadda Warning!
* Your warranty is now void.
* I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
* Thermonuclear war, or you getting fired. Please
* Do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this Recovery
* Before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
* You point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

Carliv Touch Recovery Stable Release

Whats New

  • Version 5.7.9 is for Lollipop (Lineage OS 12.1 based, AICP or Resurrection Remix) and version 5.3.5 is  for Lollipop (Lineage OS 12.1 based, AICP or Resurrection Remix). The version starting number is related to android version. It is genuinely designed for Mediatek devices.
  • This is a CWM based recovery and I fixed some of the major bugs in this version. It works with KITKAT & LOLLIPOP  kernels and it is built up with Lineage OS 12.1, AICP & Resurrection Remix.

This is for those who want a lighter and simpler recovery or they just liked CWM before. It’s not as good or complex as Twrp, but it will do the job just fine.


  • EXT4 and F2FS if you need it.
  • Full touch menu ported by me from PhilZ touch Recovery. The old Napstar-xda touch module was good but it’s quite old and to update that was too much work. Actually There is a version 4 with that touch module, all working, but the touch doesn’t work with some input drivers and I had to give up on it for the new and improved version from PhilZ.
  • All cwm functionalities are up and working (adb, sideload, backup, restore, install, mass storage…). There is no mtp and if your phone doesn’t have an external sdcard you can’t connect it to PC while is in recovery mode. But there is usb-otg support, of course if your phone was shipped with that.
  • Added new menu for backup and restore advanced, to use it for backing or restoring only a specific partition and I also ported from PhilZ the multizip flashing function.
  • In Carliv menu there is now a new section for flashing boot and recovery images. It is a feature that I needed during many recovery builds testing. I wanted an easier way to flash other image without booting to android and using an app like RashR. You can browse your storage locations for any image and after choose you will have to select on wich partition should that be flashed. I added multiple confirmations check to avoid flashing on wrong partition. This feature works only with boot and recovery images. I won’t add other partitions to this because for other things there are multiple backup restore functions.
  • For MTK phones (if the flag is used in Boardconfig) there is a new menu to backup and restore some important partitions like uboot, nvram an secro because they are involved in restoring a lost IMEI, and also the logo partition which may often get broken by bad ported ROMs.
  • Besides these all my old specific menus (aroma, rainbow…) are still in place.
  • Added support for dencrypting and mounting data partition using the builtin minivold from cyanogenmod with vdc commands (the ideea came from this post of Lekensteyn). Tested and working well with text ar hex passwords, and maybe will work with pin too but I don’t think it will work with pattern .
  • There is no included root solution. I choose to do it this way because there is no universal root solution now and someone may end up messing things with a non-working root option. You can flash a zip installer from Chainfire’s SuperSu or other solution that may work for your phone.


Find & Fix Yourself 😜



    Kitkat Version

    5.3.5 5.7.9

    Lollypop Version

    5.3.5 5.7.9


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