Easily Modify WhatsApp Messages Using WhatsHack

Hey Fellas! As we all know that whatsapp is the biggest messaging
application in which we use to chat with our friends, family, teachers
and our relatives. Nowadays many of them are really finding an
application which can really decrypt the data of WhatsApp chat history.
So that they can spy on his friend and see to it what they chat with
anyone and spy on them. We have previously shared about WhatsApp BOT: An Auto Reply Virtual Assistant Robot
from which you chat with the bot and ask questions with him. Basically
the backup of whatsapp is hidden in the folder of WhatsApp and it is
protected with crypt7 encryption which is really tough for anyone to
decrypt it. There are many video tutorials which says you can decrypt
the data of whatsapp but all are really fake. 
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Today we are coming up with a tutorial in which we are going to show
you, how can you modify the messages of whatsapp which is sent by your
friends and it will change the messages. This trick is not server type
and it will change on your whatsapp only.

WhatsHack Modify WhatsApp Message

Modify WhatsApp Messages Using WhatsHack

In this tutorial an application named as WhatsHack which will look in
to our backup and it will check for the messages from which we have
chat recently and it will modify the messages of the whatsapp which will
be not server site. You can easily modify the WhatsApp time too from
this application and when you will be sending this screenshot to your
friend. He will be liked when did, I send this text to you. Which is
really an amazing trick. 
The thing which is not liked is that you require root access in your
mobile phone which is a disadvantage of this application. When I tried
this application on my mobile it was having issues, in which I was
unable to modify the text of the WhatsApp then I thought it is just
because of the new update of WhatsApp which allows users to back up
their chats on google drive then, I tried backing up the chats which
actually worked for me and it was perfect and you can easily try this
tutorial in your mobile phone. 
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application only works with an official WhatsApp only it doesn’t works
with other WhatsApp such as GBWhatsApp or any other Unofficial WhatsApp.

Note – This Application Is Just For Fun Purpose Only


  • Change content of Message
  • Change Receiving Time of Message
  • Read All Messages without appearing online on WhatsApp


  • You can easily modify the Messages without any issues
  • Simple User interface
  • Read all the messages without appearing online on WhatsApp
  • You can also change the chats of groups


  • Requires Root Access
  • Sometimes this application crashes


How To Modify WhatsApp Messages Using WhatsHack

  • Make sure that you have completed all the above requirements before proceeding to next step
  • You have to back up your WhatsApp chats by going into Settings > Chats and Calls > Backup Chats
  • Now After backing up WhatsApp chats open the WhatsHack application and Press at the logo to allow root access in your device


  • After allowing the root access you will see several chats available on the application

WhatsHack Modify WhatsApp Message

  • Now, Open the chat whichever you want to modify it

WhatsHack Modify WhatsApp Message

  • After that click on chat of the person and click on Modify. If you
    want to modify the group you can also do that easily by clicking on

WhatsHack Modify WhatsApp Message

  • After modifying it close the WhatsHack application and check the
    chats of yours and you can easily send him screenshots of the chats.

WhatsHack Modify WhatsApp Message

Working Proof:


WhatsHack Modify WhatsApp Message


WhatsHack Modify WhatsApp Message


  • Whenever WhatsHack crash try clearing the data of WhatsHack and try again
  • Getting error in assessing chat database make sure you have back up the data and then try again

Final Words:

This was the tutorial about How To Modify WhatsApp Messages Using WhatsHack and you can easily prank your friends by sending the chats of your whatsapp and they will be like when did I send this to you? I have tried this application if you are getting error in this
application you can try those above trouble shooting methods. If then
too you are getting issues you can shoot the comment below. Thank you
for visiting and keep updated with more tricks stay tuned and peace out…

via Blogger http://www.droidadda.org/2017/03/easily-modify-whatsapp-messages-using.html https://mtkdr0id.files.wordpress.com/2017/03/2464a-sddefault.jpg?w=300


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