Unblock Your Facebook Comments With This Trick [100% Working]

Why Facebook Lock My Comment And How 

Why Facebook lock my Comment here is solution to solve this problem . In this problem when you using Auto Comment Bot Or Using Fast Bot Comment So Facebook never like this. It will block your comment and warn you that never use again Fast Comment Bot.
And When you use same Text in every Post Comment then Facebook see that you using same comment on every post So it will block your Comment. If you use Slowly comment and Slowly Facebook Bot Now Facebook will never Block your Comment.
When you Use Auto Likes or Get Many Fake Likes From any Websites Facebook Block Your Likes you will never like and Post on Facebook .
You Need to never Use Any Fast Comment Bot Or Never Use Any Auto Likes On Facebook If you want To Get Auto Likes or Comment or want to Block your Comment Or Likes. Here is Trick To Unlock Your All Comments or Like with in Few Hours.

Why Facebook Lock My Comment

Why Facebook Lock My Comment And How I Can Unlock It

Step:1) Login Your Facebook Account. Step:2) Now Try To Comment Any Emoji in Any Post and Check that your Comment is Blocked. Step:3) If your comment is Blocked so You need To Open This Link.


Click Here To Unlock Your Comment

Step:4) Now Type your Facebook PasswordAnd Click on Continue

How To Unlock My Facebook Comment

Step:5) Click on Continue and Secure Your Facebook Account.

Unlock My Comment

Step:6) Now Click On Get Started .

Block My Comment

Step:7) Now Facebook will Checking your User Name, Password, Name etc.
Step:8) Now Facebook Warn You that Change your Password And Check Your Basic Info( Old Name, Email, Date Of Birth  ). And Check Your Activity.

Step:9) Give New Password Here .

Comment Bot

Step:10) Now Select your Present Email Or Phone Number Not Old.

Facebook Bot Comment

Step:11) Then Check your Recent Activity. And Delete Some Comments.

Facebook Auto Comment

Step:12) Now Go to News Feed.

Facebook Comment

Step:13) Now You will wait Few Hour. In this Hour You can never give Any Comment Ok If you gave you will never unlock your Comment

I Hope You Really Like This Trick Because This Is 100% Workable And Share with your Friends

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