REMIX OS 3.0.207 Cracked Version [Stable]

Remix OS for PC Hacked Edition v3.0.207

Presenting You Remix OS for PC in an overhauled manner with many improvements and added functionality.This version of RemixOS is the latest one with many bugfixes from JIDE and is Prerooted.
Features and Changelogs:

  1. Prerooted with SuperSU (with preupdated SU Binary)
  2. Busybox Installed
  3. init.d Enabled
  4. Added latest update 3.0.207
  5. Added CyanogenMod File Manager for Root Access
  6. Added CyanogenMOD AudioFX (as many didn’t liked the COS AudioFX)
  7. Gapps (Play Store and Play Services) are preinstalled (see note below)
  8. Removed Bloatwares (Videos/Photos of Remix Mini etc.)
  9. Two modes: Google mode for those who want play services and NoGoogle mode for those who do not want play services.
  10. Added AdAway advertisements blocker 

 Changelog for Hacked Edition 3.0.207

  1. Everything started as fresh
  2. Added CyanogenMod 13 AudioFX
  3. Added CyanogenMod 13 File Manager
  4. system.sfs is converted to system.img in Hacked Edition to mount it as r/w
  5. SuperSU v2.76 Beta added
  6. Added AdAway
  7. RealTek Audio Fixed
  8. Added Google and NoGoogle Commands
  9. Enabled init.d
  10. Monthly updates will be there.

    Changelog in RemixOS v3.0.207 by Jide :

    1. Black screen issue during installation in Setup Wizard has been fixed
    2. Added feature to configure Ethernet connections
    3. Added feature to disable HDD Mount (in ‘Settings>Experimental features’)
    4. Wi-Fi mock issue on some gaming apps has been fixed (e.g. Asphalt 8)
    5. Intel Skylake CPU-related audio card issue has been fixed
    6. CPU usage has been improved
    7. Power usage has been improved
    8. GMS and Webview has been updated to the latest version

    Installation Instructions:
    1. Unzip
    2. Open RemixOS Installation Tool
    3. Select “RemixOS xXX 2016XXXX TG.iso” in iso box.
    4. Select desired installation type (Hard Disk/USB)
    5. Select target drive, install, and exit installer.
    6. If you installed it on hard-disk , goto the RemixOS directory and delete the unformatteddata.img
    7. Reboot and select RemixOS from boot menu.

    Note: Google and NoGoogle Modes:
    Instructions to enable your preferred Mode:

    1. Open Terminal
    2. Type “Google” or “NoGoogle” as per your choice without the quotes.
    3. Reboot.
    4. These modes can be interchanged any time as you like.
    Download Links For V3.0.207 Hacked Version:

    If you want to try out latest builds first, please download from the official website GuyZ HackZ. Please follow my website if you like and want to support my work.
    From now onwards, RemixOS Hacked Edition will be receiving MONTHLY Updates via an .exe windows application and all updates will be available on GuyZ HackZ. Also, GuyZ HackZ users will get a one day advantage on the latest builds of the Hacked Edition.

    Download Links For Older Hacked Version:

    All credits go to Jide for this OS, chainfire for SuperSU and myself Satyam@TG for making it possible.


    Video Revealing All Features:

    via Blogger


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