How To Install and Use Microsoft Cortana On Android

We’ve seen the Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri in action. They’re
probably the best voice assistant app for Android and iOS respectively.
But are they really the best? This topic however will be reserve for
another day.  If perhaps you’ve been using a Windows phone or Windows 10
PC then you’ll be familiar with “Cortana”. The app (Cortana) is
Microsoft’s attempt to compete with “Apple’s Siri” and “Google
Assistant” which actually seems as if there plans are slowly working
considering how “Superior” and the number of Android users that have
been using the Cortana voice assistant app.

In a nutshell, Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant created by
Microsoft to help better your life through voice commands. Cortana can
set reminders, recognize natural voice without the requirement for
keyboard input, and answer questions using information from the “Bing”
search engine. Apart from this, Cortana can find opening-hours when on
restaurant sites, show retail coupons for websites, sing a song, show
weather information in the address bar, crack jokes, and get the latest
popular sports games.Overall Cortana has a great sense of humor!.

Install Cortana


Cortana first made
it’s appearance on Windows 10 and was later made available on the
Windows phones. Now Microsoft has officially released the Cortana app
for Android on the Google Play Store. In the initial phase, they have
decided to release Cortana for Android only on selected countries such
as United States and the China region. But in a few days, it will be
available on other countries. If perhaps you’re the impatient type or if
Cortana hasn’t been made available on your region, then you can install
the app from the Google Play Store by using this guide or rather download the app from a third-party source.

Set It Up

Once the Cortana app is installed on your Android phone, simply locate
and open it from your device app drawer. The initial opening of
“Cortana” will require you to agree to the apps term’s and conditions,
simply “Accept” this. Next you’ve to “sign in” to your Microsoft
account, thus provide your email, phone number or Skype name followed by
your password. If perhaps you don’t have a Microsoft account, you’ll
want to create it from here. Now Cortana will prepare and then ask you
to provide your name, enter the name of your choice and you’ll be taken
to the app homepage. If Cortana prompt you to enable your “Location”,
endeavor to do it.

Use Cortana

Cortana unravels a simple, customizable and yet full of information
“Homepage” where all the “magic” will happen. The home section is where
you can either type your queries or start a voice action. These commands
can be seen at the bottom right corner of the page, you can type or use
the microphone icon to perform any kind of voice command. For instance
you ask Cortana “Who is the tallest woman on earth”? and she will try to
understand and answer your questions to the best of its ability.

Also one can easily ask Cortana to search for content, set
reminders/alarms, place phone calls, send messages, show the weather,
convert currency and more. Just tap the text or microphone icon to jump
into action and perform this commands. Now look at Cortana main app
interface, you will see relevant informations which includes contents
like news, weather, local events, foods, finance, sports, travel and
even more. This contents can all be controlled from the Cortana’s
“Notebook” section which we’re going to dive into now.


Cortana’s “Notebook” idea is all about personalization, this is one
thing you’ve to know about any human or intelligent assistant. Unlike
the Google Assistant or rather Google Now, Cortana requires you to
manually customize your experience in other for her (Cortana) to provide
you with better information and know the kind of “Cards” you play. To
access the “Notebook” section in Cortana, tap the “Profile” icon at the
top-left corner of the screen, then “Notebook”. Once here, you’ll be
presented with tons of options to customize the experience.

First, select the “About me” option and change your name or nickname.
Note that this can actually be whatever you like. Now when you scroll
down from the Cortana’s”Notebook” section, you’ll be greeted with more
options to customize their experience. If i where you, I’d go through
all of them individually and set things up. This can actually cause alot
of hassle but it will really help Cortana to get things started and
provide you with the cards or information you love most. Even though
customizing the experience seems tough, it’s probably something i like.


From the “Profile” icon, you can also see the Cortana “Settings”
options. This is probably what everyone loves as it allows you to
customize the Cortana experience to the brim. Now in Cortana’s Settings
options, you can select or choose to Sync Notifications which is of
essence when you want to see your phone Notifications on your PC. You
can customize Cortana’s color, change language & region, create
shortcuts to Cortana app on your device home screen. The “Hey Cortana”
option is not enabled for Android users, thus you can enable it from the
app settings options and from then henceforth, you can say “Hey
Cortana” to start a voice search from the Cortana app.


Now from the Cortana main interface or rather homepage, once you tap on
the “square dots” beside the microphone icon and text search, Cortana
will unravel various options you might want to check out. Options such
as reminders, weather, news, alarms and more. One unique things i
discovered that Cortana can do is to “Sing a Song”. Yep! She can
probably use her nice voice to sing a melody that touches the soul.
Apart from this, Cortana can crack funny jokes and thus making you laugh
throughout the whole day.

Final Words

Guess we’re through already! Cortana is the perfect alternative to the
new Google assistant and perhaps to the Google Now also. The app
provides advance features which the Google Now doesn’t bring and
moreover it’s smooth as butter and very easy to use. Apart from the fact
that the “Google Now” integrates with all the Google services on my
android phone, I’d would’ve chosen Cortana to it. If perhaps you’re
using the non-pixel smartphone, then Cortana will probably be the
perfect choice to the ever wanted “Google Assistant”. There’s no root
access needed, there’s no hassle. Simply use Cortana and discover how
intelligent a personal assistant can be.

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