Splitting a long blog post in Blogger into multiple pages

How to split long blog post in Blogger into multiple pagesAfter publishing few articles on Blogger Tips
few folks asked us about doing it in Blogger that is to split long blog
post into multiple pages in Blogger. Splitting posts in wordpress is
very simple and there are many plugins to achieve this, but how it’s
done in Blogger. In Blogger there is no build in feature to split posts
or pages and there are no widgets to paginate, but by using a simple
jQuery function you can paginate your blog posts. So why to split a blog
post? We have already discussed all the benefits of adding pagination
to blog posts. Here we will show you how to split long blog post in Blogger into multiple pages.

Don’t panic, the code below is simple and easy to understand. Assume
that you are about to publish a long blog post and would like to split
that into 4 pages. Here is how you do that in just 3 simple steps.

How to split long blog post in Blogger into multiple pages

Step 1: Usually you will edit your post in compose
mode, but this time you are going to do this in HTML mode. Switch to
HTML editor, add the span element that you see below and add your blog
content in each element respectively. From the below lines you can see
that only 1st page content is visible and the remaining 2nd, 3rd and 4th pages are hidden. So the remaining pages will be visible only if the visitor navigates.

2 Add your first page content here
5 Add your second page content here
8 Add your third page content here
11 Add your final page content here

Step 2: Hope you have added your content. Now you
have to create page links so when a user clicks on that page he or she
should get that particular content. Just below to the above code add
this one which adds Pages: 1 2 3 4 links below your post content.

1 Pages:
2 1
3 2
4 3
5 4

Step 3: Next to make this links to work add the following script just below the pagination links.

4 jQuery(document).ready(function(){
5 jQuery('.page1').click(function(){
6 jQuery('.content1').show();
7 jQuery('.content2').hide();
8 jQuery('.content3').hide();
9 jQuery('.content4').hide();
10 return false;
11 });
12 jQuery('.page2').click(function(){
13 jQuery('.content1').hide();
14 jQuery('.content2').show();
15 jQuery('.content3').hide();
16 jQuery('.content4').hide();
17 return false;
18 });
19 jQuery('.page3').click(function(){
20 jQuery('.content1').hide();
21 jQuery('.content2').hide();
22 jQuery('.content3').show();
23 jQuery('.content4').hide();
24 return false;
25 });
26 jQuery('.page4').click(function(){
27 jQuery('.content1').hide();
28 jQuery('.content2').hide();
29 jQuery('.content3').hide();
30 jQuery('.content4').show();
31 return false;
32 });
33 });

That’s it! When everything is done publish your article and view it
where you will see page links below the content. Just click on the links
to see how it works. Hope that helped you to split long blog posts in
Blogger into multiple pages. Got any questions? Feel free to ask below
in comments section.

via Blogger http://www.droidadda.org/2017/02/splitting-long-blog-post-in-blogger.html https://mtkdr0id.files.wordpress.com/2017/02/c50f7-how-to-break-your-post-into-multiple-pages-in-blogger.png?w=300


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