Lineage OS 13 6.0.1 R78 For MT6795

LineageOS is the successor to the popular CyanogenMod ROM. With an emphasis on openness, community development, and improvement of the stock Android experience, CyanogenMod supported dozens of devices officially with nightly updates, and unofficially, by the efforts of developers in the community, dozens more devices. LineageOS intends to pick up where CyanogenMod left off, but with a redoubled focus on being a grassroots community-focused development effort.

Before Lineage os:
CyanogenMod is the most loved and used customROMs for android
devices.They have covered almost all android devices.So now Official
CyanogenMod 14.1 is the last and final CyanogenMod built.You can check
out our previous post to know which devices have received the update As
of now you can see on the given screenshot official
website is no more it is permanently down and the new os LineageOS will
take place of it and the new website is LineageOs is live and it will
continue the work of CyanogenMod.

Whats New:

  • GPS Fixed
  • Ril Fixed
  • WiFi Fixed
  • Faster GPS Lock
  • Smooth Audio
  • Dual Sim Patched
  • Better Camera 
  • All new stuff from CM
  • Stability improvements
  • Super Smooth
  • Battary Life is Great
  • PowerNap 
  • Mic
  • USSD 
  • Gapps
  • Hotspot
  • New Music App
  • No Heating Issue
  • Vpn
  • Screen Recording 
  • SMS  
  • Storage
  • Data Connection Fixed
  • Ambient Display Added
  • Edge Screen Added
  • Green video Fixed


  • IR Sensor 
  • FM (will fixed on the next build)
Image result for lINEAGE OS


Lineage os Gapps

Must Read : List of Devices Officially Supported Lineage os



     Device  : Gionee M2
     Android : 6.0.1
     SDK       : 23
     Kernel  :  3.4.67
     Chipset MT6582


  • GMCadiom (HamadaJimmy)
  • FireLord1 (Aman Kumar)
  • Ferhung
  • Fire855
  • Xen0n

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