Google Pixel Experience For All Android Devices


The Pixel Launcher will work on any device running Android 6 or later
It should work on Android 6 or later. You can also try the Android 6 Version on Android 5.X, but no warranty that it will work.
The Google Assistant will only work on Android 7 or later. If you flash this ZIP on Android 6, the installer will install the new Google Search app, but the Google Assistant wont work.
To get the Google Assistant working you have to flash the “” after and copy tweaks.prop to your device.

This Thread is for an flashable installer, which will install the new Google Pixel Launcher with Wallpaper, Assistant, Dialer.
You can also download the new bootanimation below.
My ZIP File seems also to activate unlimited Google Photos Storage. (Tested on my G3 with CM14, Beanstalk and AOSP 7.0), so maybe this will only work on Android 7.

– Google Pixel Launcher (with working WallpaperPicker)
– Google Pixel Dialer (Just make it the Default phone app and its solved)
– Google Pixel Assistant (thanks to brianelv, take a look at his thread HERE)
– Google Pixel Bootanimation (1920×1080) (black Version)
– Google Pixel Ringtones

Google Pixel Experience – flashable zip file:
Google Pixel Experience will install the new Launcher, Dialer, Google Velvet (not Assistant), Bootanimation & Ringtone while flashing once.
For the assistant take a look down here:

How to install…

…new Google Assistant: take a look at this thread
– Download all three files mentioned in “Method 2: Flashable ZIPs by @FaserF” from there and copy them to your device, then flash the 2 zip files[/URL]

…new Google Navbar Design:
take a look at my thread here!

…new Bootanimation:
Way 0: Just use the Flashable Experience
Way 1: Download: and flash it
Way 2:
– Copy the file (inside the on your SD card/ internal storage on your phone
– use a the root explorer, CM File Browser or any other file browser with root access to perform this action
– copy the .zip file into the system/media folder
– give the correct permissons

… Pixel Ringtones
Way 1: Download: and flash it
Way 2: Extract the ringtones out of the flashable zip and copy the files to system/media/audio to the correct folder





Telefone App is making issues -> Just make it the Default phone app and its solved
– OK Google Hotword doesnt work
Pixel Launcher will force close on some devices nearly none if you are running a supported android version
Google Dialer will force close on some devices just pick google dialer as the default phone app!
– Bootanimation could be displayed wrong on devices with a lower resolution than qHD (480p)

Get the original Stuff back:
Download a root browser, open it and activate root access. Now go to /system/priv-app/dialer and /NexusLauncherPrebuild and remove the whole folder, then reboot your phone.

If your old apps dont work again, sorry, but YOU decided to make these modifications and I take absolutly no warrinty for what you are doing!

Q/A: | Other Informations:
Android Version required: 6.0+
WARNING: As this is taken from a device that is not similar to yours, it still can have risks! Keep this in mind! It was originally made for Android 7.1, not less. I am not responsible for bricked devices, or other things! YOU have decided to make these modifications!
– Some devices need Google’s Dialer Framework to get the Dialer work correctly. If you are running a device with opengapps you are fine. If you are on stock you maybe dont have the framework.

Credit and Contribution:
– brianelv for porting the Assistant
– @LlabTooFeR for the Google Pixel System Dump (where the apps & bootanimation is coming from)
– @kl3 for his Dynamic automated build.prop editing

Please give a “thanks” to me if you like my work by pressing the following button and I will give my best to continue it

XDA:DevDB Information
[flashable]Google Pixel Experience (Launcher, Dialer, Assistant & more, App for the Android General


Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 3.6
Stable Release Date: 2017-01-31
Current Beta Version: 3.5
Beta Release Date: 2016-11-24

Created 2016-10-12
Last Updated 2017-02-02

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