Cool Android Tricks 2017

is been one of the famous operating system since its release from the
year 2007. Android operating system is been used by billions of peoples
around the world. They are many applications launched on play store.
Those application is for Android hacks or else it is normal application.
This is the reason we are coming up with Some Cool Android Hacks which
you can try in your Android device.

There are many application which is having tips and tricks and which are shared by us on our site Droidadda.
we all know that as much as technology is increasing there are more
functionality unlocked in android and which you can perform in
your smartphone.

Cool Android Hacks Which You Can Try in Your Smartphone.

is been one of the famous operating system. In which you can do a lot
of customization. In many articles we have published many things about
thing which I love about Android is you are free to use your Android
device. You can do any customization and install any application. Which
is a good feature of any Android device.
we look at the Android versions then they are becoming advance. In
which you can install applications such as Linux Deploy which will help
you to install Linux Operating system in your device.
feature is not available in any other operating system which is the
best thing. Most of the times Android is been famous just because of
this reason.
am going to tell some quick tips and hacks which you can perform in
your Android device. Those applications are available on Play store and
help you to do many things mention below.

Cool Android Hacks Which You Can Try in Your Smartphone.

1. Fake Location.

I have been telling about this application when you want to play Pokemon go with the help of joystick in which you don’t need to walk anywhere the joystick will do his full work.
Some applications requires your locations so this is the best application to spoof your location.
  • Download Fake location application from here: Play Store.
  • Now, open phone settings – About Phone – Build number. Click it 7 times.
  • Now, developer option is turn on click back and go to developer option then select mock location and select as
  • Fake Location or else turn on mock location in your device.
Cool Android Hacks 

2. Remove System Application.

applications consumes a lot of memory. Then the applications which are
not used by you consumes more memory. You can simply remove those
applications if you are having a rooted Android device.
Cool Android Hacks 

3. Increase Your Phone RAM

many small devices has low RAMs in their Android devices. You cam
increase it easily with the help of Rohesoft RAM expander which works
in many Android devices.

Cool Android Hacks 

4. Linux Deploy

can easily install Linux Operating system in your device. Easily with
the help of Linux Deploy applications. There are many operating system
available in this application such as Debian, Ubantu, Kali Linux.
  • Install Linux Deploy in your Android device from Play Store.
  • Open then install your favourite Operating system
  • Now with the help of Air Crack and Hydra you can hack wifi.
Cool Android Hacks 

5. Free Gems / Keys / Coins

Now, if you are rooted your Android device. Many peoples doesn’t know what to do after rooting their Android device. You can install busybox and then lucky patcher to get free unlimited stuffs from play store.
  • Download Busy Box in your device.
  • Install the binaries in your device and now install Lucky Patcher.
  • You can now patch the application and install modded play store from the application.
Cool Android Hacks 

6. Access Blocked Content

are many Blocked websites which is not available in many countries.
Such as and torrent sites. You can easily access to those
website with the help of VPN. That is Virtual Private network.
Sometimes our wifi don’t open many websites except Google and Facebook.
You can access it with the help of this vpn in your Android device.
  • Install cloud vpn application from Play store.
  • Open the application and click on connect.
  • Now you can access any website or your choice without any issues.
Cool Android Hacks 

7. Battery Life

it comes to battery life then the best application is Greenify which
help you to hibernate the background running applications. You can
check this tutorial to know about Greenify below.

Cool Android Hacks 

8. Build Prop Editing

Prop is been used to edit your system files. To extend the technology
of your device which is really a good thing. I have posted a good
article related to build prop which will help you to edit the build
prop files.

Checkout: Build Prop Tweaks For Android Jelly Bean, KitKat Lollipop Devices

Cool Android Hacks build 

9. AdAway

are really annoying. Nowadays peoples are using Java script and many
pop-up ads and they are annoying which comes again and again in your
device. You can easily block those ads in your device by following some
steps check out tutorial given below.

Checkout: How To Block pop-up Ads On Android

Cool Android Hacks ad-block 

10. Tubemate

might be knowing about this famous application which helps you to
download any youtube videos straight to your phone storage which is a
good feature. There are 3 ways where you can easily download the youtube
videos in your device.
Cool Android Hacks TubeMate-Youtube-Downloader 

11. Android ID changer

of the Android application uses Android ID to identify which
application you are using. Let’s take an example or refer and earn
application if your phone is unique then this is just because of Android
id you can change Android id and install application one by one

Cool Android Hacks

12. WPA Tester / WPS Connect

is been used by many Android users. This application can easily hack
your wifi. But this application hacks routers which is having lower
security and old routers easily. In the scale of 100 there are chances
of 20% that your wifi can be hacked.
  • Download WPS Tester from Play store
  • Open the application and search for the wifi which you want to hack.
  • Now, try to connect with every wifi and if you are having a good luck then you can easily hack it.
Cool Android Hacks wps 

Final Words:

This way you can easily try Some Best Android Hacks Which You Can Try In Your Smartphone.
Share this article with your friends and do let them know what things your android device can easily do with your device.
you for visiting and keep visiting for more tips and tricks and I hope
you love this article and I will meet you in the next one.

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