How to Track Reliance Jio 1GB Data Limit [Offcial]

As the title suggest we are sharing a simple tip about How to Track Reliance Jio 1GB Data Limit.

Track Reliance Jio 1GB Data Limit

Well as you all know that Reliance jio has taken a smart move but
adding a 1GB internet data limit with Reliance Jio Welcome offer, as
initially Jio has promised to keep the unlimited preview offer for all
users for unconditionally 90 days but that now seems that that was just a
plan which can’t move forward and all Reliance Jio users are now on
Welcome offer which currently provides the following services for free

  1. High speed free internet till 1GB, after this speed will be capped to 128kbps with unlimited usage.
  2. Unlimited free voice and video calls.
    Unlimited SMS.
  3. Unlimited access to Reliance Jio premium apps.

All the above services which are listed above are valid till 31 Mar 2017.

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Lets head to the main titled post sharing My Jio custom app xdaot MyJio apkwhich shows 1GB Data usage:

Track Reliance Jio 1GB Data Limit

  1. First Download Official Reliance MyJio app version from Google Play Store: Android | IOS.
  2. Install on your device.
  3. Turn off you data and open MyJio app.
  4. Tap on Sign in option (Avoid auto signup this will lead to end with update notice).
  5. Enter Reliance Jio mobile number and password to sign in.
  6. On the very first page you can check you internet data balance over there, if not tap on DATA to see the same.

You can find various details over there such as 

  1. Remaining Data Limit for the day.
  2. Expiration time of free internet data and time of renewal of data.

Here is a screenshot:

Track Reliance Jio 1GB Data Limit

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Hope this was a easy thing to understand as well as to implement, yet
if you are facing some issues related to this please let us know via
comments below.

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