Vodafone Offers 4 Times 4G Free Internet Data On Every Pack


Howdy, A good news for Vodafone 4G LTE users as of now Vodafone Offers 4 Times 4G Free Internet Data On Every Pack.

Vodafone Offers 4 Times 4G Free Internet Data On Every Pack

Well you might be using Reliance Jio as far as free internet is concern but Vodafone also
trying to attract customers with best 4G free internet packs.
Unfortunately they can’t provided free services like Reliance Jio but
vodafone is offering the best 4G internet data packs and plans.

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As per various sources Vodafone has is one of the fastest 4G LTE
network and provides high speed data transfers after Airtel 4G LTE,
Reliance Jio is bit down may be due to high server loads.

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Vodafone Offers 4 Times 4G Free Internet Data On Every Pack

Below are Vodafone OLD 4G Plan Details Estimated details:

MRP Data quota
150 250 MB 
250 1 GB
350 2 GB
450 2.25 GB
650 3.25 GB
999 10 GB
1500 8.75 GB

Below are Vodafone New 4G Plan Details:

MRP Data quota
150 1 GB
250 4 GB
350 6 GB
450 9 GB
650 13 GB
999 22 GB
1500 35 GB

As you can check out the above comparison of Vodafone 4G Internet data plans you can check the high data difference.

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Official Statement by Sandeep Kataria, Chief Commercial Officer of Vodafone India

Speaking at these new plans launch, he said “Our
customers are consuming more of content and video online. With these
super rich data packs, our rapidly growing base of 4G customers across
17 circles can enjoy much more of mobile internet while remaining
confidently connected on Vodafone SuperNet 4G. It will also encourage
first time and limited users of the mobile internet to explore more by
providing greater value. They can access four times more of their
favorite content online for the same cost in a truly worry free manner. “

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Let us know your views about this Vodafone Offers 4 Times 4G Free Internet Data via comments below.

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