Samung Flashing With Odin : Errors & Their Fixes

List of Samsung Odin Flashing Errors And Their Solutions


   If you tried flashing your Samsung phone with odin and you are
getting error messages or experiencing different problems, this post is
for you. Today i am going to show you different solutions to common odin
errors when flashing your phones. The methods and solutions listed and
described in this post is the collection of different people’s
opinion/fix around the internet. You can try the solutions and see if it
will fix the error.

List of Odin Errors

  • Error: nand write start fail
  • Whitescreen Errors on Samsung device
  • phone is stuck at Samsung logo after flashing with odin
  • Odin fails at hidden.img.ext4
  • “MD5 hash value is invalid” Error
  • Error : Secure Check Fail
  • “SW REV CHECK FAIL” error

Error: Nand write start fail


   The nand write fail error in odin is often cause by a bad or
corrupted samsung nand file system.This error can also occur sometimes
when you are using a .tar firmware file that is highly compressed, odin
might time out when trying to de-compress and write the firmware in the
phone Nand section. Some users have reported been able to solve this
problem by using one of the following solutions below:

Solution 1:
Download a new Odin tar firmware in zip format and try flashing your samsung again.

Solution 2:
Try flashing firmware with your appropriate PIT firmware file in Odin (
get a PIT file and a firmware .md5 file and flashed both of them at the
same time within odin)

Solution 3:
If you can still access your phone try this:
Goto Settings
-Developer options-
Allow “USB debugging”
Uncheck the “Veify apps via USB” box
And try flashing with odin again

Solution 4:
If your phone is bricked and you can’t access your it, you will need to
extract and modify your correct firmware tar file follow download the
needed file below:

  • Cygwin for windows
  • 7zip
  • Odin3 1.3v
  • Device correct pit file

Follow this steps:

Extract all files on tar to cywin home folder
Open cygwin and cd home
Then tar your files in this order
1.slb or blm or your bin file
3. Modem
4. Cache
5. System
7. Others
Tar command
tar -c slb.bin modem.img cache.img system.img xxx.img xxxxx.img >> repair.tar
And enter
Wait to finish
Now odin tick repartition update bootloader reset and autostart and pit
Pda your repair tar
Then flash it
For more information check out this post here

   If the above solutions doesn’t work then it might be an hardware
problem with your phone.Your phone eMMC chip might be broken, and Odin
will not be able to initiate the flash procedure. This safest option is
to take your phone to a qualified repair center or engineer.

Error: White-screen Errors on Samsung device

Solution 1:

The phone is actually functional only the display is blank. So imagine
that your display is broken and try to boot into download mode. once you
are confident enough that you are in the download mode press vol up and
then it should show up on Odin. after this point you just need to flash
the stock firmware with odin.

Error: phone is stuck at Samsung logo after flashing with Odin

Solution 1:

Make sure re-partition and auto reboot is not tick and flash again.
after flashing is complete reboot your phone into recovery, wipe cache
and do a factory reset.

Solution 2:

Flash your phone together with the correct PIT file and Firmware file in odin

Solution 3:

Try using and old version of odin e.g version 3.0.7 then download
firmware that has the PDA,MODEM,and CSC file in part (not a single tar
firmware). Then flash it again and see if this solve your problem.

Error: Odin fails at hidden.img.ext4


1. After flashing the stock firmware through Odin and ending up with the
error message, take off the battery and put it back again.

2. Hold the Volume down + Home + Power keys simultaneously to boot into Download mode.
3. Start the Odin program on your computer and connect your phone. It will still recognize it, so don’t worry about that.
4. Now download the CWM Recovery or any other custom recovery package for your specific model.
5. In the PDA field, select the CWM Recovery .tar.md5 file and click on Start to flash the custom recovery.
6. IMMEDIATELY, after the phone’s screen turns off and it vibrates,
begin holding the Volume up + Home buttons together and you should end
up in CWM Recovery

7. Now don’t do anything but just choose reboot system now.
8. It should tell you that some package is missing and that it wants to install it, choose Yes .
9. Next, it may ask for root, so once again choose Yes .
10. Finally, your phone should reboot and your firmware should be
working properly. In case the phone reboots back into CWM Recovery
instead, just choose reboot system now again and this time it should
boot normally.

Error: “MD5 hash value is invalid”


Fix Odin “MD5 hash value is invalid” Error
You encounter this error when Odin is unable to verify the hash value of the file. There can be different reasons for that:
1. The file that you are trying to flash is corrupt
2. File was not downloaded properly
3. File did not originally had the md5 hash and was just renamed from .tar to .tar.md5.

If the file is corrupt: You should try to get a different file and
should not take the risk of flashing a corrupt file on your device. It’s
recommended to download the files from reliable sources.

If file was not downloaded properly: Sometimes it happens that the
download process gets interrupted before its complete. You should check
the file size on source location and on your disk. Both should be the
same. If file failed to download properly, download it again.

If the file was renamed from .tar to .tar.md5: This should raise the
alarm bells. In this case, the file provider just renamed a .tar file to
.tar.md5 file. That’s why the Odin threw the invalid md5 hash error. If
you remove .md5 from the file and rename it back to .tar, it will work
alright. However, you should not risk it with a suspicious file. We’d
recommend you to get a different file instead.

Error: Secure Check Fail

Solution 1:

Are you sure that the ROM you downloaded isn’t corrupt? You can test to
see if a file is corrupt by comparing its md5 signature to the one on
the server. Ask the ROM uploader if they can help.

Otherwise, it may be that the boot loader is utterly incompatible with
your phone. You can’t just put ROMs from other Samsung phones in to ODIN
and think that it will work if that is the case.

If you are sure that your download file is complete, remove .md5 by
renaming it. Try flashing afterwards, it wont calculate the checksum

Solution 2:

If you can still get into your recovery module (TWRP in my case), then
you can use a micro-sd card to flash a custom Rom onto the device.

Solution 3:

Try to enter into your settings and de-activate “Reactivation Lock
Security”. Reactivation lock might be the main cause of the problem,
many users has report success only after disabling it.



   These errors indicate that the phone cannot use the ROM provided (via
Samsung’s ODIN loader) because the ROM is either not legitimate or is a
version prior to the one currently installed. if you’ve flashed a ROM
or stock firmware that e.g Android 4.4.2 (KitKat), you will not be able
to revert back to an earlier version (such as Android 4.2.2). The
solution is to find and download the latest original stock Firmware/ROM
for your current phone version.

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