Top 60 SEO Friendly Blogger Templates

SEO ready or friendly blogger templates the famous blogger term from Google search results and why isn’t famous, it eases your work and save your precious time it makes your blog robots friendly which speed up your crawling frequency and provide error and bug free content in front of the spider. Today web platform has stood on the high peaks cause of highly user interaction in web development and designing. Many websites renovate the web marketing by giving premium themes in FREE like Templateism, Lovely Templates, Theme Expose and so on.

The New Media Queries styling has changed the taste and look of web templates from media queries now you don’t need to tap zoom your screen to see web information it make blog theme fitted in your device  the word responsive and SEO friendly creates the sound of awesome and cool among visitors.

It is become necessary to have a good looking blog theme because it decreases your blog bounce rate and it would happen when you have a good looking and user friendly blog theme and from these users stay at your site which will decrease your bounce rate, according to webmasters blog design and its page speed can increase 50 to 75% conversion, if you want to know your blog SEO analytics so check it from SEO Web Monitoring Sites.

There are thousands or more blogger templates around internet globe, but in these few are good and got succeed to pass from SEO filters, so in this post I am sharing with you most reliable and SEO friendly 60+ blogger templates which is free for your blog if you follow the copyrights and if you don’t want to show designed by so simply buy it from the given copyright link.

Top 60 SEO Friendly Blogger Templates

Note: The template Iam sharing has different styles and layout like some templates are Responsive and some are not, while some are mixed, SEO Optimized, fast speed, simple and eye touch, pick your favorite template without any stress because it all is an SEO and Blogger Friendly.


I hope that you found a blog template as compared from your niche because it is important to define your blog template and logo with your niche, it all are safe and error free but keep remembering when you removed the credit so, then it may be become harmful for your blog  and also for your internet reputation instead of removed credit use it freely or buy it to get lifetime support and updates. 

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