How to Get PR9 DoFollow Backlinks From YouTube

Backlinks from YouTube

YouTube is a highly authority and most viewed online video site after
Google in Alexa. So you can take advantage from this online site by
making Do Follow and No Follow backlinks from it which is really an
effective method for anyone who wants to rank their quality content in
proper position and rank. In this tutorial, you will also learn that how
you can make valuable backlinks from YouTube in straightforward and
easy steps.

How to Get One Time Do-Follow Backlink from YouTube

YouTube will only allow you to give the blog main URL at once, so if you
want to make Do Follow backlinks more than once for other blogs if you
have so you will have to create a new YouTube Channel every time for a
new Do Follow Backlink. Let’s come on the main guide which is mentioned
below in simple steps.

First of all, create a YouTube Channel if you haven’t created yet and then move on this address ( for verifying the YouTube channel.

Then, move to this address “” and add your main blog URL on Associated website>> Click on add and a green success radio button would be displayed as shown in below image.

DoFollow Backlinks YouTube

Scroll down the page and click on save, that’s it.

How to get HQ YouTube Backlink for Every Post?

This would be a useful trick for you to get a good rank on Google Search
Results like if you want to increase the visibility of a particular
post so indeed you should have to follow the steps as mentioned below.

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Search your main keyword of your post in Google, then move on Videos section
and click on the first video that’s already ranked on the first
position. There you have to give the suitable comment with your post URL
and keyword repeat the same thing on starting 3 rated videos and wait
several days for the upcoming update of position ranking.

So these were the two straightforward and efficient tricks of YouTube to gaining Do Follow backlinks as well as Good Rank.

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