How to Get PR9 DoFollow Backlinks From Facebook

DoFollow link from facebook

Want to build do follow backlinks for your blog? Build it from Facebook
which is giving you free PR9 Do Follow backlink without any guest post
or reviews. In this article, you will learn how to get do follow
backlink from Facebook in very easy and little steps.

Building Backlinks is a hard and effective step for every beginner who
wants to rank high in search results and it is only possible from
generating proper backlinks and yes Quality content without it, you
can’t boost up your organic traffic. So there are lots of link building
strategy from which you can increase your DA (Domain Authority) and it’s better to collect some readymade high authority link from social media.

Step By Step Guide to Getting Do Follow Link From Facebook.

Follow the below steps one by one with meditation.

  • By default, Facebook doesn’t give do follow to any link, you can
    check it from inspect element. So we will give the do follow link our
    self by using Static HTML App by Thunderpenny. So move on Static HTML Page and click on Use App as shown in below image.
  • Then, you will see a page in which you have to click on “Add Static HTML to a Page”.
  • Now, a page tab will open in which you have to select your Facebook page as shown below in the image.
  • Click on Setup Tab and it will redirect you to Static HTML App so click on the index.html section and remove all the given text and add the below HTML code by replacing your blog with your blog URL and name. After adding the code click on Save & Publish and Congrats! for getting PR9 Do Follow link from Facebook.



For assurance move on your page which you had selected and click on
Welcome Tab (present on the left side) and see your H1 blog Name with a
Do Follow URL.

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At the end, you can edit it anytime with any design you want and this
backlink would be track almost after 30 days on different backlink and
SEO Tools. Keep in touch with us in the next post we will come with
professional iframe welcome tab for your Facebook page.

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