How to Convert Image Background Color into Transparent


Are you finding an easy way? To transparent any color background image
with decent and same quality. There in this article you will learn how
to change any image color background into transparent without losing
their original quality in easy steps. Whatever your image has the
extension i.e. JPEG, PNG, GIF you can convert it to your desired background color or transparency. You can also do this same work from Photoshop,
but that’s a complicated process in which you should have to know how
to use lasso tool professionally so for a web user it’s just a
time-consuming work. Let’s start the tutorial.

Follow the steps as mentioned below with screenshot.

  1. Open the Online Image Editor site.
  2. Click on Choose File>> Upload it.
  1. Click on Wizards>> Transparency as shown in below image.
  1. Check the Fuzz Factor and with meditation click on the image background.
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If image looking perfect so, save it and enjoy your desired image with transparent background.
I hope you learn differently and an easy way to transparent any image
color background quickly with the same image quality that you had before
transparent. If you are a web geek or a designer, so you can take many
benefits as you want from this online tool.

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