Add Whatsapp Share Button in Blogger Blogspot


New social media application What’s App is being famous all over the
world because of its uniqueness, it also has the same thing that is on
Skype, Viber, Facebook, Google and so on but in what’s app  new program
feature is added from which you can add easily anyone by typing his
mobile number and start chatting. On another way, it has shared feature
also which may be the best resource for you to gain blog or web traffic.
So in this article, I will guide you that how can you implement What’s
App in blogger blog as a sharing widget for your upcoming visitors

How Is It Beneficial For Your Blog

It is Mobile and smartphone time in which everyone done his work easily
same as drinking water. New technologies and Hacks making him more
useful for worldwide users like Android Application, 3G and 4G network,
PC implements in small mobile processor and much more. So in the future,
it may be used as in an average of 99.9 %. Let’s turn this discussion
on your website, if you implement this highly used Mobile application
WhatsApp in your blog so think it wouldn’t increase your traffic even it
 also increase your readers.
Do you know that WhatsApp is on the first track after Facebook?

How to Add WhatsApp Share Button in Blogger Blog

If you are using a custom template so first study your blog template
that there are any Social sharing widgets present below the post or at
the end of the post. If you have found, so then see the next.
Here you have two alternatives from which you can add this useful widget.
  1. Add it with social sharing widgets.
  2. Add it alone at the end of the post.
After taking a decision, it’s time to implement this widget in the blog HMTL Viewer.
Visit your blog dashboard.
Click on Template>> EDIT HTML.
Then, paste the below code with your chosen alternative and click on Save Template.

Note: Add these below code just after or before your default
social sharing buttons and before implement takes your blog safety
guarantee through BACK UP.


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Last Touch Up

This is a newly launched widget which is a good source to grab traffic
and readers when someone will share your content on his WhatsApp
timeline so think how much traffic you can get from WhatsApp. So try
this and if you get a good response, so don’t forget to share this
article with your other social friends and followers.

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