[MT6582] CyanogenMod 12.1 v4 For Micromax A106 [Kernel-3.4.67]




[HK]Added Gapps

[HK]Added Smart Wake , with app Integration in settings

[HK]Added Smart Cover , with app Integration in settings 

[HK]Added Adaway , with app Integration in settings 

[HK]Added Network Traffic , with app Integration in settings 

[HK]Added (Viber4) app Integration in settings 

[HK]Added SuperSU Integration in settings.

[HK]Added Kernel Auditor Integration in settings.

[HK]Added Camera Next

[HK]Added Gallery Next – PATCHED

[HK]Added Root Explorer

[HK]Added JetAudio Plus

[HK]Added New Eleven Music Player

[HK]Added Sony Keyboard

[HK]Added ADM Pro (Default Downloader App)

[HK]Added MLUSBMounter

[HK]Added NEW Calendar & Email BY BOXER

[HK]Added TrueCaller MOD will now integrate directly into CM’s Dialer

[HK]Added Cyanogen Account, ThemeStore, ThemeChooser with per-app themeing

[HK]Added GLtools for Gamers

[HK]Added XinternalSD

[HK]Activated ClearMotion, BRAVIA v4 and X-Reality Engine v4,

spelled trouble-free codecs to view FullHD streaming video 


[HK]Remove adaway,superSU,viber and some apps from app drawer, them, already in settings.

[HK]Fixed Youtube 720p

[HK]Fixed Green Lines In Facebook

[HK]Fixed VPN

[HK]Fixed Screen Record

[HK]Added Screenshot Bottom On Status Bar

[HK]Added List Scroll Animations

[HK]Added System Animations

[HK]Added Toast Animations

[HK]Added OmniSwitch

[HK]Added Task Manager bottom on status bar

[HK]Added Font Chooser

[HK]Added System App Remover

[HK]Added Night Mode

[HK]Added Trebuchet 6.0.1

[HK]Added HK PROJECT (HKXInstaller) {Various tweaks for Package Installer}


– Signatures checking (globally or only during installations)

– Signatures checking for F-Droid

– Apps downgrading

– Apps verifying

– Unknown app installing

– Installing apps on external storage

– Forward lock flag

– Keep apps data after uninstalling

– Disabling system apps (+ you can turn off notifications for them!)

– Uninstalling device admins

– Auto installing

– Auto uninstalling

– Auto closing after uninstalling

– Auto closing after installing

– Auto launching (apps) after installing

– Permissions checking

– Apps backuping when installing (to /sdcard/XInstaller)

– JAR verifying

– Signatures verifying

– Installing unsigned apps

– Auto backing up (related to adb backup feature)

– Making any app debuggable

– Showing package names in App info (bonus: click on app version to copy package name)

– Showing version info in App info

– Deleting APK files after installing

– Moving unmovable apps

– Checking SDK version

– Installing in background

– Uninstalling in background

– Launching apps (click on app icon in App info to launch app)

– Opening apps in Google Play (long press app icon in App info to open app in Google Play)

– Exporting apps (click on app name in App info to export APK file to XInstaller folder; bonus: long press app name in App info to copy app name)

– Auto enabling clear buttons in App info

– Uninstalling system apps (long press Disable button in App info to uninstall (delete) system app)

– Backing up all (even unbackupable) apps

– Changing device properties

– Hiding app crashes

– Confirm signatures check

and maybe more!

[HK]Transferred All Addiations to Rom Control EXCEPT Kernel Auditor + SuperSU

[HK]Remove Checking Signature Applications Completely

[HK]Patched Whole Status Bar AS android N

[HK]Fixed Front Camera Record

[HK]Patched No Recents Apps – AS Android N

[HK]rounded corners Recents Apps[*]Added Customize Settings Panel[*]Added Preference Control[*]Added Settings Titels[*]Added Autostart Apps[*]Added Flash alerts settings[*]Added Recents Panel[*]Added Gesture Anywhere[*]Added Edge Screen By Samsung[*]Added Header Machine[*]Added Header Auto Machine[*]Added Extra Info Display In About phone[*]Added CPU + Ram In About phone[*]Added Weather Lock Screen[*]Signature Verification Fully Working 100%[*]All Apps Updated[*]Themed More AS Android N

How To Screen Record and to use VPN in cm 12.1?


  • Ahmed Nasser HK (Modder-Themer)
  • Arbaz Khan
  • Sunmughan Swamy
  • Royal Porting Team
  • Aboothair 
  • Team HRP
  • Tirth Patel 
  • Fire855
  • Ferhung
  • Al3XCOol


Inbuilt Gapps with Xposed Insatller

CM 12.1 v4

  ScreenShots :



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