[MT6582] Firehound 6.0.1 -r74 for Micromax A106[Kernel-3.4.67]

Firehound 6.0.1

Fire Burns & Pheonix Hounds
FireHound is a Custom ROM developed focusing on Stability + Features. FireHound is made from cherry-picking commits from many great ROMs. Our main goal is to satisfy users as best as possible and to rise a community. So without being much senti, we will head towards main part now…
Code :
 * Your warranty is now void.
 * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
 * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
 * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
 * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
 * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. Hard. A lot.
Main Features :
FireHound Ashes
Status Bar
Status Bar Icons
SuperUser Indicator (Hide or Unhide Status Bar SU)
Clock Style
AM/PM Style
Battery Style
Battery Percentage
Network Traffic Indicator
Battery Bar
Battery Bar Location
Battery Bar Style
Charging Animation
Battery Bar Color
Battery Bar Thickness
Status Bar Slide Brightness Control
Quick Pulldown
QS Header Transparency
QS Shader Transparency

Notifications :

Heads UP Enable/Disable
Disable FC Notifications
Disable Immersive Messages
Force Expanded Notifications
Notification Access
Notifications Filter

Buttons :

Navigation Bar Enable/Disable
Backlight Control
Navigation Bar Layout Control
Left Handed Mode
Power button press twice for Camera
Power Button End Call
Home Button Customizations
Menu Button Customizations
Back Button Customizations
Volume Button Customizations
Keyboard Cursor Control
Playback Control
Display :
Live Display
Double tap to wake/sleep
Wake on Plug
LCD Custom Density
Font Size Control
Search Bar in Recents Menu
Lights :
Battery Lights Customizations
Notification Lights Customizations
Sounds :
Sim 1/2 Ringtones
Notification Tones
Increasing Ring Volume
Launch Music App on Headset connected
Other Sounds Customizations
Charging Sounds
Camera Shutter Sound Enable/Disable
Recents :
Show search bar in Recents
Memory Bar
Clear All Recents Button Enable/Disable
Clear All tasks / Foreground Tasks
Clear All Recents Location
Omni Switch
Gestures :
Gesture Anywhere
Trigger Region
Three Finger Swipe Screenshot
App Circle Side Bar :
Trigger Width
Trigger Position
Trigger Height
CM Theme Engine[CMTE] :
Custom CM Theme Engine Customizations
Lock Screen :
Keyguard and all types of Keyguards
Quick Unlock
Double tap to sleep on lockscreen
Smart Lock
Live Lock Screen
Lock Screen Shortcuts
Music Visualizer
Show Weather
Custom Lockscreen Wallpaper
We also encourage users to report bugs and issues at our G+ Community.
We also welcome a “x” feature request from users and if we really feel it to be useful, we will integrate it in our ROM.
Tell us whatever, whichever feature you want and we will try our best to integrate it.

Screenshots :

Image result for firehound for micromax fire 2
Image result for firehound for micromax fire 2
Image result for firehound for micromax fire 2
Image result for firehound for micromax fire 2
Image result for firehound for micromax fire 2

Downloads :

Performance Fix
Fix 1
Important Files
FM Radio Fix

Credits :

Slim ROMs
Ressurection Remix
Dirty Unicorns
Abhishek Karmakar
Hriday Sharma
Tirth Patel 
Fire 855
Royal Porting Team
Jai Dwivedi (Ported to Micromax A106)
ROM OS Version : 6.0.x Marshmallow
ChipSet : MT6582
Kernel : 3.4.67
Based On : Cyanogenmod
Sources :



Official Maintainers for Devices.
FireHound Developer:

To whom i owe many thanks
Sanyam Jain a.k.a Men_in_Black007

DevIL2709(Beta tester)


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