Android 6.0.1_r53->6.0.1_r61

Frameworks: Halo Color

Frameworks: HALO

Halo: Add option to Enable/Disable Halo Button in Header

SysUI: Fix Layouts of Halo Button within Expanded Statusbar

StatusbarHeader: Fix Headsup and Halo Button Animations

Halo: Reverse message bubble bg and text colors

Blur: Minor fixes

Blur: Fix Arithmetic Exception when Radius and Scale are set to 0

Blur: Major update

SystemUI: BatteryBar: Gradient color

SystemUI: Display bluetooth battery status when available

Implement Blur Statusbar personalization options

Update halo and heads up qs button

Configurable Notifications transparency

Configurable Smartbar button transparency

Fix up header button icon, position and animation

Network Traffic and Custom Logos: Fix Inverted SB icon tint when color is white

Option to set custom scrolling values

Statusbar: Gracefully adapt 3Minit Battery hook for AOSP

Add 3Minit battery mod

Option to let ADB always notify

Custom Toast Color Options

Fix FC on Seekbar in VOlume dialog and power menu Stroke & opacity

SystemUI: Add vector support to SlimRecents

Update Slim Recent App Sidebar

mountservice: Don’t nuke all volumes when decrypting (Speeds up bootime by 30 % for encrypted devices)

SysUI: Add theme manager permission

Themes: Add permission to themes protected broadcasts

Instant reboot action trigger

MobileNetworkSettings: Check CarrierConfig on isWorldMode

EditPhoneNumberPreference: Prevent empty text from being set

Dynamically tell the user which vendor image is needed

Show a more descriptive message when vendor.img is out of date

Update Kernel Adiutor apk

make overlay permission check configurable

fw: enforce android.permission.PREVENT_SYSTEM_KEYS in system server

SysUI: Add RecreateStatusbar to Quick Settings Blur

SysUI: Make sure new Blur Features dont Conflict with Transparency Items

bootanimation: add multithreaded decode

framework: don’t allow assist activities while not provisioned

Services: Fix a small Derp from instant reboot action

sepolicy: Let the IO prefetcher look at sdcardfs

sepolicy: Put theme service in its own context

sepolicy: More IOP rules

sepolicy: Fix MTP for sdcardfs

Translation Updates

All updates from CM

  twrp 3.0 recovery is recommended

reboot to recovery
clean to install new rom
Flash the ROM 
 Flash GApps(

 Shaikh Saeed(Built from Source)
Kishan Patel

RR Developers

 Build Version: V5.7.3 (R61-august 5 security patch)
ROM OS Version: 6.0.1
ROM Kernel: 3.4.67
Based On: Cyanogenmod 13
Issues? No Major Bugs except VPN &2G/3G Switch


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