[MT6582]Viper OS v2 for Micromax a106[Kernel 3.4.67]

​Viper OS V2 for Micromax a106

ROM Features

Themed full ROM 



Animated check boxes n radio buttons.

Lollipop list selectors.

L dialog box with ripples.

L notifications.

Lollipop spinners, switches, scrubbers, text fields, etc.

Download & upload animations.

All other icons of framework like Lollipop.

L platlogo with Lland game.

Added Listview animations.

Rest left for users…


Lollipop panel (fmd panel) with double drag.

Header Image 

All qs icons like lollipop.

L recent with animated clear button.

Shake to clear Ram.

Animated settings button in panel.

Lollipop status bar icons.

Animated vibrate,silent, flight in status bar.

Battery bar.

Network traffic.

Battery styles with color chooser.

Heads Up notifications.

Dyanamic System Bars.

Delete buttons in panel after taking screenies :p

And many more…


Don’t Try To Enable NAV BAR



Pre rooted.

Busybox pre installed.


Super Smooth.

Added Init.d support.

Build prop tweaks


Addes Arkay nine boost script.

Better performance with best battery backup.

Lock screen rotable.

Cm12.1 app icons.

Added pac performance.

Viper4Android for awesome sound.

Smart gestures.




White background.

Added switches in settings.


About phone as clear as stock.

About ViperOS 

Partition info in settings.

Added rom logo, rom name, rom version, developer, changelogs, etc in About ViperOS.

Autostarts, developers options, smart gestures, advanced options are also in fibres.

What advanced option contains

Battery Bar

Dynamic System Bars

Network Traffic

Battery Styles

Heads Up

Listview Animations

Viper Box

Custom Ringtone

viper walls

Sound Settings

Build Prop Modder option

Enginner mod

performance control

Font Chooser
Other System Apps


Themed Documents ui and desk clock like pure L.

Added different action bars for different apps.

Themed each n every app.

Added Fab in messaging and calender.

Cm12.1 calculator

Google play music

Added check boxes, radio buttons, fastscrolls, text field for some apps…


Credits :-

Sunmughan Swamy

Based ON MysticOS


Konok Ahmed


Downloads :-

ROM :- Click Here


Porting Guide :-

Replace Stock  Kitkat Boot.img 

Or Unpack Boot.img and Replace kernel and unevntd.rc from Ramdisk Folder..Then Repack It.

Lib Folder> 







etc >Bluetooth, Wifi, firmware & permissions

Done !


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