[MT6582]Slim 6 r72 for MMX a106[Kernel 3.4.67]

Slim M
 for MT6582 is an aftermarket ROM made by the best in the class devs who prefer simplicity in their work. Hence, the name Slim. SlimROM for MT6582 is based on Google AOSP and it tries to keep it as stock as possible without much features which normal users don’t want to use. Thus, creating a powerful ROM which packs a punch of performance, battery life and simplicity. Definitely recommended for for people who don’t want much features from their ROM but just want simplicity and performance. You can use layers in this ROM as all AOSP 6.0.1 ROMs support layers but layers manager is not added by default, you can download “Layers Manager” app from play store in order to use layers. This ROM is compiled from source by Kishan P Patel for MT6582 Devices.
USSD, Calls, Camera, Video Recording, SMS, Bluetooth and other needed features are working in this ROM and it can be used as a daily driver. This is one of the most stable Marshmallow ROM for MT6582.



Note :-

This ROM can be ported to any MT6582 device running Android Kitkat 4.4.x with kernel 3.4.67
If you want to port this ROM and share then please give the link of original post along with proper credits ! 

Notes :
1) My only request is that do not at any cost forget to give proper credits. All credits are mentioned below
2) It only takes a few minutes to steal the ROM but it will take you months to request the developers to start working on development again. Many devs stopped working and sharing their codes just because of kanging and I do not want that to happen again.
3) CM 13 could have become more stable till now if it weren’t for kangers who forced the devs to stop their work.

Credits :

 – The man behind CM13 for MT6582

 – Another legend



Kishan P Patel 
– Compiled SlimM 6.0.1 for MT6582 from source

Yazad Madan –
Ported to Xolo Q1010i

Sunmughan Swamy – Ported to Micromax A106

Royal Porting Team

Team Hyperion

Team Living Stone

Minh Quoc and Karim Gahgah – For video recording fix

Aniruddha Adhikary
 – For his amazing USSD Fix

Sergey Kochetkoff
 – For his amazing GPS fix

#What’s Working :

Video recording in stock/snap camera is working with 1080P !
Audio in calls
SMS (Receive and Send both working)
RIL is now more stable
Dual SIM
Screen Recording
Both storages (SD and Internal) mounting in both Phone and PC
720P working in youtube

Bugs :

Download :-

Slim 6 Alpha

Sd Default

Screenshot’s :-


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