Stable Aicp 11 r61 for Micromax a106


  • Display and animations:
  • System animations
  • Toast icon and animation
  • Power menu animation
  • IME animation
  • LCD density changer
  • Status bar:
  • Clock style (position, date view, date format, color, font type and size, seconds)
  • Status bar icons control
  • Battery Icon style (percentage, icon type)
  • Brightness control
  • Show notification count
  • Quick pulldown on QS
  • Superuser indicator control
  • Headset icon
  • AICP logo
  • Traffic Indicators
  • Carrier Label
  • Battery bar
  • Statusbar weather temperature
  • Notification drawer:
  • Brightness slider
  • Time contextual header
  • Weather info settings
  • CAF Task Manager
  • Force expanded notifications
  • Disable immersive mode messages

Recent panel:

  • Clear all button settings
  • Show/hide search bar in recent menu
  • Recent in fullscreen
  • Show/hide clock and date in recent menu
  • Memory bar

Lock screen:

  • Show/hide music visualizer
  • Show/hide media cover art
  • Lock screen shortcuts
  • Mid-Screen shortcuts
  • Lock screen blur
  • DT2S on lock screen
  • Lock Clock fonts
  • Lockscreen weather options


  • Enable/disable navigation bar buttons
  • Left-handed mode
  • Buttons and layout settings
  • Adjust navigation bar dimensions
  • CM button long press, double press features
  • SlimDim
  • Power menu settings
  • Press power button twice for camera


  • Pie Control
  • Gesture Anywhere
  • App Circle Bar
  • Slim Recents
  • OmniSwitch
  • Scrolling cache settings
  • Disable FC notifications
  • DT2S on navigation bar
  • Launch music app when headset is connected
  • Enable/disable screenshot sound
  • Three fingers swipe for screenshot
  • System App remover

Take logcat, kmesg, dmesg on the go! (AicpExtras -> Log that ‘s’hit)


  • Quick Settings toggles:
  • QS Compass Tile
  • QS NFC Tile
  • QS Sync Tile
  • QS Volume Tile
  • QS Profiles Tile
  • QS USB tether Tile
  • QS Screen timeout Tile
  • QS Performance Tile
  • QS Lockscreen toggles Tile
  • QS Ambient Display Tile
  • QS Live Display Tile
  • QS Brightness Tile
  • QS ScreenOff Tile
  • QS Screenshot Tile
  • QS Expanded desktop Tile
  • QS Music Tile
  • QS Reboot Tile
  • QS LTE Tile
  • QS Nav bars Tile
  • QS SlimPie Tile
  • QS App circle bar Tile
  • QS App side bar Tile

And a lot of other features! check it out right now 🙂



  • Vpn
  • 2G/3G 


1)Reboot to Compatible recovery

2)Clear factory data, cache, dalvik cache

3)Flash ROM zip

4)Flash gapps

5)Flash super SU 2.46 zip

6)clear dalvik and reboot

7)again reboot to recovery

8)Flash stability patch and invert screen patch

9)wipe dalvik cache and reboot

10)Done….Enjoy the ROM


Rom :- Aicp 11

Credits :-

Sunmughan Swamy 

Tirth Patel

Ajit Guraya


Kishan Patel

Yazad Madam

Sohail Dongri

Surah Lad

Team Living Stone

Royal Porting Team


One thought on “Stable Aicp 11 r61 for Micromax a106

  1. A very nice port indeed…
    The flashing guide might be confusing for some people…Just flash the AICP zip then Gapps….Wipe cache, Dalvik Cache…
    The inverted lock screen is fixed..
    Good battery backup too..

    Thanx for the awesome work dev 🙂


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