Sprout4 to MT6582 Porting Guide By Kishan P Patel

Sprout Porting Guide

Sprout Porting Guide

Step 1 : Extract latest cm of your device.

Delete addon.h ,Apps,fonts,framework,media,priv-apps,build.prop 

Step 2 : Paste the above mentioned folders from sprout to cm 

Step 3 : Merge extra bins and libs from sprout 

Step 4 : Paste extra permissions in cm (etc/permissions) 

Step 5 : Copy libandroidserver.so , libandroidruntime.so , libandroidfw.so ,
libmedia_jni.so and       replace in cm lib 

Step 6 : Merge extra files in vendor folder from sprout 

Step 7 : Merge app_process32 ,applypatch ,bootanimation ,dalvikvm32 ,drmserver
,mdnsd,mediaserver ,serfaceflinger from sprout to cm (These are bins) 

Step 8 : Take storage list ,vold ,sdcard ,boot.img of latest cm

Don’t forget to give credits To :

Yazad Madan

Suhail Dongri

Kishan P Patel

(for figuring and making guide )
And Fire855 alexcool and all sprout dev


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