Dirty Unicorns 10.5 for Micromax a106


By Piyush Kulkarni

Hello bros again I am back with awesome rom named Dirty Unicorn(DU)10.5 Latest mm For Unite2(Mtk6582)….this is based on AOSP….and more changelog than older….


  • Lots of translations
  • Update to Android-6.0.1_r62
  • New DU logo for QS navbar/fling tile and keyboard
  • Added revert recents in OmniSwitch
  • Bring back basic group support
  • Enable support for groups in External contacts accounts
  • Sync citylist handling with upstream in DeskClock
  • Fix crash when no storages are available
  • Fix concurrent access to mStorages
  • Disable all ListView and GridView selectors in OmniSwitch
  • New DU logo everywhere
  • Added ability to change location sensors mode in quick settings
  • Added Solid bar sanity levels and Lavalamp anim speed
  • Fix lock insanity with ActivityManager
  • Fix and remember state with OmniSwitch’s launcher mode
  • Allow immersive options for Slim Recents
  • Move LockClock up per request
  • Fix notification panel can’t hide in statusbar
  • Enable camera hal v3 interface
  • Disable cellular networks settings menu if airplane mode is enabled
  • Set upper limit of 40 FPS on Pulse’s renderer drawing
  • Added Proximity wake on selected devices
  • Fixed NPE in Messaging app
  • Add tabs transitions effects in DirtyTweaks
  • Add a blank footer to System app remover
  • Add ability hide/show app launcher icon for OmniSwitch
  • Make sure screenshot Qs and power menu icons match
  • Fix volume timeout derp
  • Get rid of ugly dialog in radio info
  • Adjust padding between battery icon and text
  • Add CPU info overlay
  • Add backup services to the whitelist after the android-6.0.1_r54 merge
  • Remove navigation bar option in Extended desktop settings conditionally
  • Pulse 2.0 Advanced Audio/Visual Rendering
  • Fix SmartBar alpha when pulse enabled and music paused from lockscreen
  • Update DU Certified to v2.3


Camera+video recording
no network drop
FM Radio
GPS(check Yourself)
both storage
Check yourself more


2G-3G switch
Invert Screenshot(Unite2 have inverted Screen)
working around recent apps:- Go to settings–Dirty tweaks–Navigation –Navigation Bar–Enable

DIrty Unicorns 10.5


Sheesha.Murthy( Source Build – Sprout 4)
Ferhung(CM Dev)
Fire855(CM Dev)
Suraj lad(ported from Sprout)
Piyush Kulkarni (Ported for Mmx a106)
Royal Porting team


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